Achieve Real Business Value

A 392% risk-adjusted ROI. Over $1 million in travel cost reductions. Nearly 12% in reduced carbon emissions.

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Achieving Tangible Business Value with HD Video Conferencing

Companies today need to operate with maximum efficiency in a distributed economy and seamlessly connect their geographically dispersed workforce, customers and partners. To remain competitive, organizations want to leverage top talent, no matter their location, to collaborate and develop the best new products and services to bring to market rapidly. However, that collaboration shouldn't cost the company millions in travel costs, or the environment in long-term damage from carbon emissions.

Recently, Forrester Consulting conducted a three-month research study on behalf of LifeSize to evaluate the business and financial impact of HD video conferencing solutions. The study evaluated the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) and potential Return on Investment (ROI) of implementing a LifeSize HD video conferencing solution.

Real-world Results with HD Video Conferencing Solutions

The consumer electronics manufacturer at the center of this study had undertaken an extensive RFQ process to compare different video conferencing alternatives and after extensive analysis selected the LifeSize solution. Using their qualitative experience and quantitative data points, the Forrester researchers were able to uncover staggering results. Here are some highlights of the business value achieved:

  • 392% five-year, risk-adjusted ROI
  • Lowest TCO (substantively less on-going maintenance & support costs than closest competitor)
  • Nine month payback period
  • Multi-million dollar annual travel cost reduction
  • Increased productivity & better work experience
  • Higher resolution video conferencing with lower bandwidth required
  • Improved field sales
  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions

Actual results and analysis are available in the full report, which may be downloaded.

Forrester Principal Analyst Henry Dewing discusses the findings in the full video.