Do you cringe when you see an upcoming two-hour conference call with eight other team members in your calendar? The pure monotony and boredom that you're sure to experience tethered to your phone can now be remedied with Lifesize's Conference Call Bingo!

How to Play
  1. When your call starts, hit the "Start Meeting" button and your very own bingo board will be generated.
  2. Each time one of the actions or statements (indicated by words in "quotations") happens on your call, click on the appropriate square. You receive points for each square clicked (up to 4 times) and for any of the following "bingos": Row, Column, Diagonal, The Entire Border, or Black Out the entire card.
  3. When the call ends hit the "Call Over" button. Once you've finished be sure to post your score to Facebook and challenge your friends to try and beat it.

Above all else... HAVE FUN!

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