What's new

February 14, 2015 Update

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Schedule Lifesize Cloud meetings and send invitations directly through your Outlook calendar using the new Microsoft Outlook Add-in. Read more about the Microsoft Outlook Add-in.

Microsoft Lync Integration
As a Cloud Enterprise customer, you can add Lifesize Cloud meetings as contacts to your Microsoft Lync desktop clientRead more about the Microsoft Lync Integration.

Lecture Layout
You can now meet using a one-to-many layout by selecting a lecturer when you create a new meeting. If you do not select a lecturer, the meeting displays in the default layout. In lecture layout, the lecturer can see all of the participants but the participants can only see the lecturer and/or presentation.

Call Rating

When a call ends, a popup appears showing the length of your call and the option to click on a star to rate the quality of the call. Account managers can view the data in the web console.

Test Configuration
New users are now prompted to test their Lifesize Cloud microphone and speaker configuration when they log in for the first time. You can troubleshoot and test your microphone and audio configuration at any time by clicking Lifesize Cloud > Preferences > Devices > Test.

More local telephone numbers
Several new local telephone numbers have been added to provide dial-in support for users and meetings in over 50 countries. Learn more about dialing options.