Matt Collier

Vice President, Americas

A corporate development “hunter” who aims to build strong, lasting business relationships.

For Matt, there is nothing more important than the happiness of every Lifesize customer. As the head of sales for the Americas, a region that extends from Canada all the way to Brazil, he and his team work to ensure a delightful customer experience at every touch point of the sales process.

Matt joined Lifesize as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, where he succeeded in forming our largest technology partnerships with organizations such as Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Dell, CDW, TI, and Broadcom, just to name a few. It was a natural step from there to his current role as Vice President of the Americas.

Before moving to Lifesize, Matt was Senior Vice President of Voice Application Services at Level 3 Communications. Matt joined Level 3 when they acquired Telverse Communications, the company he had founded and where he served as CEO. Telverse offered the first nationally available IP Centrex Cloud Service for business users in North America. Matt’s other video conferencing industry experience includes stints as Vice President of Business Development & OEM Alliances at Polycom and Vice President of Sales and Business Development at ViaVideo.

When he isn’t working to spread the word about Lifesize with the powerhouses of the tech industry, Matt can be found in his favorite vacation spot—Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You might also find him on the golf course even though he will be the first to admit that his game could use a bit of work. In his younger years, Matt was also named to the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels by Kentucky’s governor and secretary of state. He shares this distinction with such notables as Muhammad Ali and U.S. Senator John Glenn.

How Matt Helps Lifesize Customers

As the leader for the Americas sales organization, Matt’s number one goal is to create outstanding customer experiences. From the moment someone first becomes aware of our brand to the moment of purchase and beyond, Matt is always looking for the best way to engage with customers and solve their most pressing business communication challenges.

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