Megan Lueders

Vice President of Global Marketing

A modern marketer with an old-fashioned approach to the customer—it’s all about them.

Megan Lueders’s marketing philosophy is pretty simple—integrate your brand mission into all facets of the organization, from product development to the sales team, on to the partner community and even into the operational groups that make the company tick. When everyone drives with the same belief in mind, the customer experience will be beyond great; it will be exceptional. The second philosophy is to cultivate a team of marketers who have an integrated approach in everything they do, who recognize trends and adapt quickly to them and who learn from one another every day.

Prior to joining Lifesize in 2005, Megan served in a variety of marketing roles. She was responsible for the development and execution of go-to-market strategies for a number of start-ups and technology companies, including Voxpath, Isochron and Verizon (formerly GTE).

A proud Austinite and graduate of the University of Texas (Hook ’Em Horns!), Megan savors family time and is actively involved in the community. From cheering on her son at sporting events and practicing the latest dance moves with her daughter to serving in her position as the Board Chairman at the YMCA of Austin’s Program Services Branch and as Vice Chair of the Texas 4000 Board of Directors, Megan achieves her third philosophy—learn something new every day.

How Megan Helps Lifesize Customers

Megan and her team dedicate themselves to understanding what our customers really want to know about our video conferencing solutions and industry. She then leads the development of honest content and programs to show customers how to derive the most value from their investments in video communication.

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