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LifeSize® Experiences Record Growth and Greater Demand for High Definition Video Communications in Q307

Strong worldwide sales results and continued new customer acquisitions

Austin, Texas, October 15 2007

LifeSize Communications, the global leader in high-definition video communications, announced record sales for the third quarter of 2007. Sales increased more than 32 percent from a record Q2, resulting in year-over-year growth of more than 250 percent. The company enjoyed strong sales growth in all regions and acquired hundreds of new customers, many winning in head-to-head competition.

“Our products are winning in the marketplace, and our customers are enjoying the benefits of telepresence-quality video communications,” said Craig Malloy, CEO and founder, LifeSize Communications. “We compete and win against incumbents when customers upgrade existing video installations, and we’re driving new growth in the industry. About one-third of our customers are new to video.”

LifeSize® systems deliver stunning telepresence-quality video communications – true 1280x720 video at 30 frames per second – over existing broadband networks with as little as 1 Mbps of bandwidth. The result is clear, natural, face-to-face communications across town or across the globe.

“In head-to-head competition, LifeSize systems win nearly every time,” said Adam Taylor, executive vice president of worldwide sales and service for LifeSize. “High definition video communication is here, and it’s here to stay. Solutions from LifeSize are easy to install, use and maintain. They have outstanding reliability, and we’ve made them affordable for every small, medium and large enterprise. Customer reaction to our product set has just been wonderful, and that, in conjunction with our phenomenal growth, is the true measure of success.”

Business executives see LifeSize as the right company with the right products at the right time.

“We see a perfect storm creating demand for LifeSize products. We live in a global world where people need to communicate with more customers in more places, but travel can be unbearably inconvenient, time-consuming, expensive and polluting,” said Malloy. “People want face-to-face communications and are looking to video to change the way they work. The market is embracing LifeSize because our products deliver on the promise of video.”

To accelerate the company’s growth, the company will continue to expand its distribution and reseller network and product innovations.

“High definition video communications over IP networks will be the most important growth area in communications technology over the next decade, and LifeSize aims to be the leader in this emerging market,” said Malloy.

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