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Seattle Science Foundation Furthers Worldwide Healthcare Mission with LifeSize HD Video Communications

State-of-the-art research center uses LifeSize to bring together industry innovators from around the globe to foster breakthroughs in medical knowledge and technique

Austin, Texas, March 02 2010

LifeSize Communications, a division of Logitech (Nasdaq: LOGI) (SIX: LOGN) and a leading global provider of high definition video communications, has been chosen by the Seattle Science Foundation (SSF) to promote international collaboration among physicians, scientists, technologists, engineers and educators from around the world. With the help of LifeSize high definition video conferencing solutions, SSF is creating a virtual medical world where doctors from around the globe meet and exchange cutting-edge ideas, technical knowledge and practical information.

Launched in 2006, SSF takes a different approach to medical education and research. In addition to a wide variety of courses, conferences and meetings, SSF offers physicians and specialists a truly unique opportunity to advance surgical training, practice new surgical and endovascular techniques, and refine innovative medical devices. Using a combination of LifeSize® Room™ and LifeSize® Express™ HD video systems, SSF provides an ideal venue for medical collaboration. The foundation’s state-of-the-art facility enables medical professionals to visualize surgical processes in simulation and cadaveric settings, as well as conduct medical device proof of concept and product testing.  

“We have been very pleased with the quality of the LifeSize units,” said Joanie Block, chief operating officer for Seattle Science Foundation. “When you are working with delicate tissue, even the slightest degradation in picture quality can really hinder the experience for remote users. With the tremendous HD quality of the LifeSize units, everyone feels as though they are in the same operating room.”

“The work of the Seattle Science Foundation has the ability to change healthcare for the better, making quality in innovation more essential than ever,” said Colin Buechler, senior vice president of marketing at LifeSize Communications. “This is just one example of what LifeSize envisions as the potential of HD video conferencing – the opportunity to promote world-changing ideas through better communication.”  

A complete case study detailing the Seattle Science Foundation’s experience with LifeSize high definition video conferencing systems is available for download at:  

About Seattle Science Foundation

Seattle Science Foundation (SSF), with access to a world-class professional education center, provides a unique opportunity to improve worldwide healthcare through education and training. The center offers both simulation and cadaveric facilities for surgical and endovascular procedures. State-of-the-art conferencing capabilities with direct links to operating and interventional suites enable large and small group interactions around the globe. For more information, visit

About LifeSize

LifeSize is a pioneer and world leader in high-definition video collaboration. Designed to make video conferencing truly universal, our full range of open standards-based systems offer enterprise-class, IT-friendly technologies that enable genuine human interaction over any distance. Founded in 2003 and acquired by Logitech in 2009, LifeSize, with its commitment to relentless innovation, continues to extend the highest-quality video conferencing capabilities to anyone, anywhere. For more information, visit

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