Companies just like yours are using video conferencing to improve their business while maintaining a human connection with their employees, partners and clients, no matter where they happen to be.

This primer gives you everything you need to know about video conferencing in plain language. By the time you’re finished, you’ll understand what it’s all about and how it benefits your business.

What are we waiting for? Click through to any of the categories below to learn more about video conferencing. Let’s get started!

What Is Video Conferencing?

Never mind the technical details. What does “video conferencing” actually mean? How do people use it—and why? This section will provide a quick and easy explanation that makes sense for business.

Video Conferencing 101

The most common questions people have about video conferencing are all answered in this easy-to-read introduction. We tackle topics from why your business needs video conferencing to what types of solutions are out there, all the way to how to get going and how to maintain your system, including a vocabulary of specific video conferencing words. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Finding the Right Solution

We understand that choosing the right video conferencing solution is an important decision. This section will help you understand your options and tell you about success stories from customers just like you.

Comparing Solutions

How do you choose the right system for your company? This section gives you quick “at-a-glance” charts to show you some of the features and benefits that video has over audio or the Web.  We even have charts showing how LifeSize products stack up against one another.  It’s all you need to make an informed choice about what works best for you.

Why LifeSize?

LifeSize stands for four things: connected relationships, absolute quality experience, ultimate flexibility and relentless innovation. Our standards-based technology gives you the highest quality possible, real collaborative power and the flexibility to use video however it works best for you—at your desk, in the conference room or on the road.

How to Buy

Seeing is believing. The best way to understand how video conferencing can help improve collaboration in your business is to see it with your own eyes. Book a demonstration, see it live and then learn about leasing or grant assistance support. You can even review other resources for more information before you buy.