Video Conferencing 101

Face-to-face is always better than face-to-phone.

Now more than ever, relationships mean success in the business world. And let’s be honest—when was the last time you built a lasting relationship over the phone? People communicate so much more effectively in person. But who has the time, budget and lifestyle to always be on the road?

It’s about time for a high quality video conferencing solution that gives you lifelike meetings without the expense of travel or the hassles of complicated technology.

Say hello to people in real life rather than just saying “Who just joined?” every time you hear a beep.

How does video conferencing work?

There’s still no substitute for meeting face to face in a conference room. Almost no substitute, that is. With Lifesize, the conference room is connected to wherever your people happen to be—in lifelike, crystal-clear HD quality. Our incredible video endpoints in your conference rooms, combined with our cloud solution and comprehensive mobile apps, let everyone in your organization experience meetings just like they’re in the room—from wherever they are using any device they want.

  • Accelerate the speed of business with instant communication
  • Gain a competitive advantage over companies that aren’t as advanced
  • Balance your work and life with more time for life
  • Cost-effectively scale up from low quality free web conferencing to HD business video

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  • Reduce or even eliminate the need for travel for meetings
  • Prevent weather delays or acts of nature from getting in the way of your meetings
  • Experience mobile meetings that happen anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Manage a global supply chain in person from the palm of your hand

In the cloud or hardware at your site?

You have two options when it comes to high quality video conferencing. Do you want to host your solution in the cloud so you don’t need to worry about it? Or would you prefer to keep the technology on-premise in your data center so you can maintain total control?

  • If you want a no-questions-asked, no-administration-necessary solution, the cloud is for you.
  • Need to comply with security regulations or want to manage your existing hardware investments? On-premise is probably the right choice.

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Why pay for video conferencing?

Tell you what. Skype™ or Google Hangouts™ might be fine at first, but after a while they can actually hurt your professional image. Never mind that a reliable, high quality video conferencing solution that lets you practically forget that everyone isn’t actually in the same room can transform the way people think about your company and its capabilities. There are a bunch of reasons you might want to upgrade.

  • Crowding around a laptop or tablet may work in someone’s office, but it just doesn’t cut it in a conference room setting.
  • It might look fine on your laptop, but just try putting your free web conferencing video on the LCD screen in your conference room.
  • Need to record your meetings for people who couldn’t be there? Free conferencing isn’t really the answer.
  • Need to speak to customer support in real time to make your meeting happen? Free doesn’t come with reliable support.
  • You know how frustrated you get trying to watch live TV on your computer? Now imagine how your clients feel when they video conference with you.

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How much does it cost?

Priced according to your company size, Lifesize high quality video conferencing solutions offer a simple, cost-effective way to let everyone meet in person no matter where they are.

  • Lifesize Cloud solutions are available in annual subscription plans from $11 per employee, per month.
  • Lifesize On-Premise solutions are delivered in small, medium and large application bundles—either as software to install in your data center or on a preconfigured video conferencing server you can plug right into your rack.
  • There are no hidden fees or surprise charges.
  • Lifesize easily and seamlessly scales up or down to meet your needs.

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