Getting started with any IT project may seem like a big job, but don’t worry. We’ve put together a whole range of video conference service packages for different types of needs. This section will give you an idea of what you should know to make sure your project takes off smoothly. Of course, everyone’s needs are different. If you need more information, an experienced sales professional will have recommendations to suit the special demands of your business.

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How do I find the video conference service that’s right for me? Check out our Put Video Conferencing To Work chart below to learn what type of solution would be best for you.

Put Video Conferencing To Work

I Want 

I Need

I Get

To communicate with another office. A video conferencing system in each location. Communication irrespective of distance.
To communicate with multiple offices. A video conferencing system in each location and multiparty calling capabilities. Communication irrespective of distance with lots of locations.
To communicate with multiple offices and people on the road. A video conferencing system in each office, multiparty calling capabilities and a mobile calling solution. Communication with lots of locations and people on mobile devices.
To communicate with my mobile dispersed team. A mobile video calling solution. Communication with people on mobile devices.
To record and/or distribute video communications. A streaming and recording solution. The ability to disseminate communications to a larger audience and at times that are convenient for them too! 

You may find it useful to hear how others in your industry are using video conferencing in their organization. Check out the sampling below or view our Use Cases brochure for a full list of suggestions.




Collaborate with remote classrooms

Analyst presentations and reviews

Court arraignment

Distance learning

Executive updates

Remote depositions

Virtual field trips

Financial earning and daily communication broadcasts

Virtual client meetings

Check out more Use Cases.

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