Through LifeSize’s partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology vendors, customers can access a complete ecosystem of interoperable products and offerings to drive stronger business relationships and greater productivity.

Blackboard® Learn™

LifeSize is a member of the Blackboard Partnerships™ Program.  LifeSize UVC Video Center, a one-button video streaming, recording and auto-publishing solution, offers integration via a simple plug-in with the Blackboard Learn™ platform, which serves thousands of higher education, K–12, professional, corporate and government organizations. With LifeSize UVC Video Center working behind the scenes, teachers can make live or recorded videos part of their daily course materials.  Additionally, students and educators can view and play back HD-quality video from the Blackboard Learn web-based interface, accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device.


Telemedicine stations extend the reach and improve the quality of traditional health care services to patients. Whether in distant or isolated areas anywhere in the world, or from the patient’s home into the local hospital post discharge, GlobalMed telemedicine systems present sleek mobile platforms that neatly house all equipment, including a selection of medical devices and an integrated PC, wrapped around cloud-based software creating an end-to-end GlobalMed Encounter™ between patient and clinician. Add in a powerful LifeSize video conferencing system and you have the ultimate communication experience between doctors, clinicians, healthcare specialists and patients wherever they may be.

Microsoft® Hyper-V®

LifeSize is committed to drive ultimate flexibility and radical simplification of video conferencing while also giving its customers the power of choice. As Microsoft is taking a leading position in the advancement of virtualization technology, LifeSize has extended the support for its virtualized video conferencing infrastructure (LifeSize UVC Platform) to Microsoft Hyper-V. LifeSize customers can be assured that our virtual machine products are tested with Microsoft Hyper-V to achieve the highest quality and performance.


LifeSize partners with Regus to make HD video collaboration more accessible to businesses and individuals. Regus locations in more than twenty countries around the globe offer LifeSize Public Rooms (LPR), which feature Full HD video quality for natural, realistic interactions at the lowest possible bandwidth, along with crisp, crystal clear data sharing. Book an LPR by the hour and take advantage of LifeSize HD video conferencing, along with catering, complimentary Wi-Fi access and the other professional amenities offered by each Regus business center.


The integration of a LifeSize HD video conferencing system with a Rubbermaid Healthcare Telemedicine solution provides mobile point-of-care platforms, connecting doctors, specialists and clinicians to patients, no matter their location. Our joint solutions link doctors and patients over simple-to-use, high definition video conferencing with the ability to add a variety of medical devices to ensure accurate diagnoses. With the LifeSize/Rubbermaid Healthcare Telemedicine solution, doctors and patients can easily collaborate over HD video anytime, anywhere.


LifeSize is collaborating with VBrick to promote our shared vision to deliver the ultimate communication experience with the lowest total cost of ownership on the market today. The LifeSize UVC Video Center API supports integration with VBrick’s enterprise IP video platform solutions to enable content management, distribution and integration with Unified Communications platforms such as Microsoft OCS™ and Microsoft SharePoint®.


LifeSize is an elite member of the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program. LifeSize has rapidly developed and fully embraced virtualization technologies and was the first to introduce virtualization across an entire platform of video conferencing infrastructure (LifeSize UVC Platform). LifeSize customers can be assured that our virtual machine products are tested with VMware technologies to achieve the highest quality and performance.