LifeSize is an elite member of the VMware® Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program, which means LifeSize engineers and developers have access to the training and certification required to maximize VMware’s vast technologies. LifeSize customers can be assured that our virtual machine products are tested with VMware technologies for quality and high performance within any number of virtualized environments. With VMware, organizations gain the efficiencies of virtualization backed by the technical expertise of a proven industry leader. Both LifeSize and VMware offer the highest quality in service, technology and expertise, with virtualization solutions designed for easy integration within your IT structure.

Virtualized Video Conferencing Infrastructure in Action

LifeSize is the first video conferencing manufacturer to fully embrace virtualization. Available as hardware or virtualized software, the LifeSize UVC applications are everything you need to video-enable your organization. Key video infrastructure applications such as mobile video calling, multiparty video conferencing, streaming and recording and video network management are all integrated and available on the LifeSize UVC Platform from one common interface. The LifeSize UVC Platform has also achieved VMware Ready status. This designation indicates that, after a detailed validation process, it has achieved VMware’s highest level of endorsement and can be found on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX).

Why Virtualization?

Virtual video conferencing infrastructure eliminates the “one server, one application” model and delivers greater efficiencies in how you manage, deploy and scale video infrastructure to fit your needs. While hardware solutions offer a number of conveniences, virtualization presents another set of benefits for the enterprise.

Consolidates underutilized server resources

Requires less energy, less space and fewer employee hours

Takes just minutes to deploy, with no hardware to install, configure or ship

Easy to manage, move, configure and scale to your needs

Delivers high availability and disaster recovery via failover and load balancing

How Does Virtualization Work?

Virtualization of video infrastructure is a process whereby a layer of virtualizing software abstracts the systems running on a server. A virtual machine is a tightly isolated software container that can run its own operating system and its own applications, and it is completely independent of the underlying physical hardware.

Through virtualization, you can run multiple virtual machines on a single physical server, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that server. In addition, a virtual machine can be moved to other existing servers, thus providing added flexibility and control within your network environment.

Look for more virtual video conferencing solutions from LifeSize using VMware’s technology, setting in motion a new wave of video infrastructure innovations.