The Alcatel-Lucent® and LifeSize partnership, established in 2010, offers customers a powerful end-to-end video communication experience with integrated Unified Communication (UC) and collaboration capabilities. Our partnership enables enterprise video in any location and on any device, including desktop PCs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards and display screens throughout offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms.

The Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch™ UC platform enables users to connect across multiple media (video, chat, IM, email, audio and web conferencing), on multiple devices with multiple parties.

By deploying the OpenTouch solution along with LifeSize’s best-in-class room-based video systems, organizations ensure that their end users have an easy way to stay connected with total interoperability between LifeSize and Alcatel-Lucent. As an end user, you can access OpenTouch’s powerful features during video conversations, such as session shift, media escalation and remote directory. From a convenient console on your screen, you are able to easily find customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. Plus, engage in conversations from your OpenTouch-enabled computer, tablet, mobile phone or desk phone with LifeSize’s room-based video systems, all within a single conversation.

For example, users can start a conversation through instant messaging on a smartphone and then move into a video call on a computer without any interruption, all through the OpenTouch platform. You can also easily find and call anyone in a meeting space equipped with a LifeSize best-in-class room-based video system and seamlessly shift your video conversation from your OpenTouch conversation client to your LifeSize video system. Annotate and share whiteboard notes through integration with Alcatel-Lucent’s Interactive Whiteboard Solution.

All LifeSize room-based video systems are interoperable with Alcatel-Lucent’s Enterprise telephony platforms, Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX™ Enterprise (OXE) and Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX™ Office (OXO).  There is no need for an additional phone in the meeting room or boardroom; direct dial over audio from any Alcatel-Lucent–supported IP-PBX phone to any LifeSize video system.

The LifeSize/Alcatel-Lucent partnership provides:

  • Greater collaboration and productivity among organizations running the Alcatel-Lucent UC solution
  • Seamless integration between the LifeSize 220s and Alcatel-Lucent’s OpenTouch platform
  • Collaborative video conversations from these LifeSize video systems with any device enabled by OpenTouch, including:
    • Computers through My IC Desktop
    • Tablets through OpenTouch Conversation on iPad®
    • Mobile phones through My IC Mobile
    • IP phones through My IC Phone (Video enabled by the Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C920™)
    • Whiteboards through the Alcatel-Lucent Interactive Whiteboard Solution
  • Interoperability between Alcatel-Lucent IP-PBX platforms OXO and OXE with LifeSize video systems to enable audio conversations
  • Reliable interoperability for hassle-free deployment and management for IT teams

The LifeSize and Alcatel-Lucent combination offers end users a single communications environment, encouraging faster adoption of video to drive more effective business communications.