The second generation of the Lifesize Phone has arrived!

The Lifesize Phone puts the power to control both HD video and audio collaboration at your fingertips, eliminating the need for a separate remote control. The new Lifesize Phone features an intuitive touch-screen interface so simple that everyone can—and will want to—use it. Users can share content, control cameras, change layouts and add callers with ease.

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HD Audio

An exceptional video conference phone requires HD audio, and the Lifesize Phone delivers. Experience greater voice pickup and reduced room noise through advanced beam-forming microphone technology. Acoustic echo cancellation and microphone background noise suppression provide superior vocal quality as well.

Easy to Use

The Lifesize Phone is so easy to use that anyone can walk into a conference room and initiate a conference immediately. Lifesize Phone significantly reduces the amount of training and IT assistance needed to support calls from the conference room. When it’s this easy to make a conference call, more people will want to collaborate over video and maximize the return on your video conferencing investment.


Available with the Lifesize Icon and Lifesize 220 video systems, Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation may be bundled with optional Lifesize Digital MicPod for use in larger meetings.


  1. How is the Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation better than the previous one?

    The new Lifesize Phone brings touch-screen simplicity to the conference room. The phone features an intuitive touchscreen interface that is simple enough for anyone to use, reducing training and IT support of end users. The phone also enables control of both HD video and audio collaboration. No longer is a separate remote control needed to manage calls.

  2. What video control functions can I perform with the Lifesize Phone?

    The touchscreen interface of the Lifesize Phone enables powerful video control features. Users can share content, control cameras, change layouts, add callers and more with ease, all from the touch screen.

  3. What are the new audio features of the Lifesize Phone?

    The new video conference phone features superior audio quality, delivering the most engaging video communication experience and more productive video calls. A 360-degree microphone array with advanced beam-forming technology steers the microphones toward the direction of the talker for total room coverage. That means everyone in the conference room can be heard, no matter where they are sitting. Best-in-class frequency response is achieved through a powerful loudspeaker driver in a large, acoustically suspended speaker enclosure. Because of this, distortion is reduced and voices and conversations are more true to life. Every voice will be heard in crystal-clear quality, and conversations won’t be interrupted because of poor call quality.

  4. Can I use the new Lifesize Phone with any video room system?

    Lifesize Phone is available and offered with the Lifesize Icon and any Lifesize 220 video system (Room 220, Team 220 and Express 220).

  5. How is the new Lifesize Phone better than phones available from other video conferencing providers?

    The new Lifesize Phone is the only touch-screen conference phone available as part of a total solution, which includes the endpoint, camera and phone. Because of this, Lifesize is able to deliver the most full-featured, simplest-to-use video communication solution available. Our competitors’ video systems require a separate, expensive device for touch control of video calls.  

    Superior audio conference phone quality of our video conference phone is another point of competitive differentiation. The new phone was designed from the ground up with the primary goal of providing the highest quality audio experience. But by including the intuitive touch-screen interface, we achieved superior audio quality and exceptional design. This has resulted in unrivaled audio performance with best-in-class frequency response. It utilizes the latest microphone and noise suppression technology, which provides superior clarity.

  6. Can I use the Lifesize Phone as a stand-alone phone?

    The new Lifesize Phone is designed to function when tethered to a Lifesize Icon or Lifesize 220 endpoint. You can use the new Lifesize Phone with any Lifesize Icon or Lifesize 220 video system.

  7. Can I use Lifesize Phone with other vendors’ video systems such as Polycom or Cisco?

    Interoperability of the Lifesize Phone with non-Lifesize video systems is not supported. The Lifesize Phone is optimized for use with the Lifesize Icon and Lifesize 220 room-based video systems.    

  8. How many microphones does the Lifesize Phone have?

    The Lifesize Phone has four beam-forming microphones placed in a 360-degree array for maximum voice pickup.

  9. Are micpods available for the Lifesize Phone?

    Yes. The Lifesize Digital MicPod is the perfect complement to the Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation. The Lifesize Digital MicPod automatically steers its three microphones toward the speaker and cancels distracting room noise for crystal-clear audio in even the largest collaboration spaces.

  10. What languages does the Lifesize Phone support, and can I customize it?

    This audio and video conference phone is tethered to the Lifesize codec and supports the language that is selected through the codec. A full list of supported languages is available upon request. The user interface cannot be customized, but the background, or “wallpaper,” can be chosen from eight distinct options.

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