Lifesize Bridge is a hardware-based group video conferencing solution for on-demand and scheduled video meetings.

Interoperable and standards-based, Lifesize Bridge can be deployed and clustered worldwide, bringing together work teams, clients and suppliers from anywhere in the world. Meetings can be scheduled or on demand, and every employee can have a virtual meeting room with a dedicated address.

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Product Details

  • Highest Quality HD Experience

    Lifesize Bridge delivers a crystal clear image and a host of feature enhancements to support your most critical meetings. Because the Lifesize Bridge features symmetric video up to 1080p and 720p60, sustained frame rates and an encoder per participant—with up to 4 Mbps throughput per port—you can rest assured that you will always experience the highest quality HD group video conferencing. Lifesize Bridge supports any codec, frame rate, call speed or resolution up to 1080p without loss of capacity or capability, giving every participant the highest quality experience.

  • More Options, Larger Calls

    To meet the needs of multiparty, group video conferencing, Lifesize Bridge is available with 8, 12 or 16 ports. For large-capacity calls, Lifesize Bridge can be expanded* up to 48 participants on a single call or hundreds of participants when cascading multiple Lifesize Bridges.

    *The Expanded Conference License introduces shared-encoder technology that requires a common layout, resolution, call speed and shared ports for some participants.

  • Cluster Multiple Lifesize Bridges for High Availability

    With Lifesize Bridge there is no worrying about port availability or downtime. Lifesize Bridges can be connected via a high-availability clustering license, which allows multiple video conference bridges to act as a single device and provides expanded capacity, built-in redundancy, automatic failover and simplified management.

  • Unrivaled Price/Performance

    The Lifesize Bridge price per port is the lowest in the industry, offering full HD group video conferencing solutions at one-third the price of its nearest competitor.

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