Lifesize UVC Capacity Planner

Lifesize UVC applications are everything you need to video-enable your organization. They are conveniently preinstalled on Lifesize UVC hardware or available as Lifesize UVC virtual machine software— with multiple applications you can access and turn on from a single interface. In order to help IT administrators plan and manage their hardware resources for their Lifesize UVC deployments, Lifesize created the Lifesize UVC Capacity Planner.

The Lifesize UVC Capacity Planner tells you:

  • What applications can run together and at what capacity
  • Maximum capacity limits for each Lifesize UVC application
  • When you need to deploy a new virtual machine or hardware appliance
Open the Lifesize UVC Capacity Planner with button below. View the Capacity Planner

To use, select a platform and adjust the slider bars or use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Numerical values are listed, as well as color coding indicating the following:

Gold Available The amount of reserve capacity available for allocation.
Green Consumed The amount of resources already consumed.
Gray Unavailable The amount of resources consumed by other UVC applications.
Red Overallocated When you have exceeded a suggested limit that puts the resource at risk of failure. For VMware® or Hyper-V® instances, only the numerical values turn red to indicate overallocation.

For the Lifesize UVC hardware servers, horizontal hardware capacity indicators appear for CPU, RAM, Network, and Disk I/O resources. These graphical depictions are not available for VMware or Hyper-V deployments; however, numerical values estimating the capacity of the underlying hardware appear in these cases so you can provision accordingly. These calculations are based on the minimum hardware specifications for a VM instance listed in hardware prerequisites for virtual machines in the Lifesize UVC Applications Installation and Deployment Guide.

For additional insight and information about each of the Lifesize UVC applications, consult your Lifesize representative.

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