Lifesize Icon Series

Easy-to-use video conferencing systems for every meeting room.

The award-winning Lifesize Icon Series, video conferencing systems, are designed on one fundamental principle: simplicity. Set up in any meeting room, navigate the intuitive UI, call anyone, add participants with a click and combine multiparty calls into a single, larger multiparty call automatically; it’s all so simple. Pair your Lifesize Icon system with Lifesize Cloud and gain access to even more features and benefits.

It’s as easy as using a smartphone.

Meet face to face with anyone whenever you need to.

Face-to-face video discussions are more effective than talking over the phone and a lot faster and more cost-effective than traveling to meet with someone. Use a Lifesize Icon system and call someone on video in just seconds.

For EVERYONE in your organization.

Video conferencing is more than a business tool for executives; it’s a productivity tool for everyone to use every day. That’s why Lifesize Icons, video conferencing systems, are designed to be simple to use and priced to be affordable for you to equip all of your meeting spaces.

Conference Room A or Z. (And everything in between.)

Lifesize offers Icon Series products designed for every meeting room size. The Lifesize Icon 400 is ideal for small meeting and huddle rooms. Conference rooms and boardrooms are perfect for the Lifesize Icon 600. We even cover expansive classrooms and auditoriums with the Lifesize Icon 800. Check out our comparison table below and choose the Lifesize Icon systems best suited for your meeting spaces.

No technology degree required.

Installing most of our video conferencing systems is easy to do. Simply place your system in a central location in the meeting room of your choice; connect to a power source, display and Internet; and then let everyone know it’s ready for video calling.

Icon Series Comparison

Lifesize Icon Flex

Lifesize Icon 400

Lifesize Icon 600
Lifesize Icon 800
(rack mountable)
Small meeting & huddle rooms Checkmark Checkmark X-mark X-mark
Integrated form factor Checkmark Checkmark X-mark X-mark
10x zoom X-mark X-mark Checkmark Checkmark
Second camera support X-mark X-mark Checkmark Checkmark
Second display support X-mark X-mark Checkmark Checkmark
Data sharing port X-mark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
3rd party collaboration app support Checkmark X-mark X-mark X-mark

Business-Class Video Conferencing Comes to the Small Meeting Room

Lifesize CEO and Founder Craig Malloy explains how the Lifesize Icon 400 and Lifesize Icon Flex provide companies exceptional video and audio conferencing options to outfit all of their small meeting and huddle rooms.

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