The Lifesize Unity 50 solution combines best-in-class HD video, audio and presentation capabilities in a brilliantly optimized, integrated solution.

Everything you need to conduct a high quality HD video conference comes packaged within this sleek, all-in-one solution, which is simple to deploy and intuitive to use.

Ideal for executive offices, small workspaces and home offices, the Lifesize Unity 50 video conference system features a 1080p HD 24" LED-LCD display that delivers true HD quality 720p30 resolution for a crystal clear and lifelike interactive meeting experience.

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Intuitive to Use

Featuring name-based dialing, presence and search, the Lifesize Unity 50 ensures enthusiastic adoption of video conferencing through an intuitive, easy-to-use experience. Spend your valuable time collaborating rather than fumbling with complicated menus and commands.

Highest Quality Collaboration Experience

The Lifesize Unity 50, HD video conference system, offers crystal-clear audio-only calls and optimized presentation features so you can build a more connected relationship with your customers, partners and colleagues.

Simple to Deploy

The Lifesize Unity 50 was built with simplicity in mind. The solution can be set up by anyone with absolutely no IT assistance.

Easy to Order for Global Consistency

The Lifesize Unity 50 video conference system is easy to order and comes complete with everything you need to operate it, helping you eliminate the time spent trying to figure out which components to order and ensuring global consistency of your video conferencing deployment.

Investment Protection

Because the Lifesize Unity 50 is a fully integrated HD video, audio and presentation solution, it can be easily moved around for use in different rooms within your organization, so your investment in your HD video conference system will be significantly less than average. With no IT support and facilities resources required, the Lifesize Unity 50 solution offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional systems.


Lifesize Virtual Link enables you to share content from your computer during HD video calls without the need for a wired connection.

Traditional data sharing during an HD video call is enabled over a DVI cable connection to your desktop or laptop. With Lifesize Virtual Link, you can share data during your HD video call from any Lifesize Unity 50 system without the interruption of swapping out DVI cables during your call.

Optimized for PC

Any Lifesize user with a Windows PC can download the free LifeSize Virtual Link application and seamlessly share his or her desktop with remote participants through video calls from a Lifesize Unity 50 solution. The presenters do not even have to be in the same room as the video endpoint in order to share content over the network.

Easy to Install

Simply complete the LifeSize Virtual Link Download form below to access your free download.

Simple to Use

Lifesize Virtual Link’s clean and simple UI allows you to search for endpoints on your network and organize your favorites for recurring meetings. You can even view the status of each endpoint before starting your presentation.


  1. Can I change out the components of my system? For example, can I choose a different speaker or display?
  2. The benefit of the Lifesize Unity 50 solution is that it is purpose-built with best-in-class components that have been intelligently optimized for the best performance.

  3. Is Lifesize a single point of contact for all parts of a Lifesize Unity 50 system?

    Yes, Lifesize or one of our qualified Certified Partners is your single point of contact for the Lifesize Unity 50 solution. Lifesize or a Certified Partner services the system for the customer with Assurance Maintenance Services (AMS) in place at the time of the requested service.

  4. Is the Lifesize Unity 50 solution available worldwide? 

    Yes, the Lifesize Unity 50 solution is available in all regions. Check the latest Lifesize Approved Country List tab on the Lifesize price list for more details.

  5. Why would an organization prefer a Lifesize Unity 50 over a traditional on-premises, room-based system? 

    The Lifesize Unity 50 solution is purpose-built with preselected, best-in-class, integrated and optimized components all combined in a sleek, stylish design. It's perfect for those companies that have little time, IT and facilities resources and commitment to traditional on-premises video deployments. There's no need to select each individual component, no expensive room modifications, and no long assembly and configuration of a system. The solution is easy to redeploy, too.

  6. What are the preselected, best-in-class components?

    The Lifesize Unity 50 provides immersive, best-in-class HD video collaboration. First, we offer high quality HD video that lets you see everything with crystal-clear clarity and complete fluidity. Next, we add a powerful, professional-studio-grade, integrated speaker that lets you hear every single sound. Optimized, high contrast, edge-lit LED displays show the highest quality resolution, brightness, sharpness and contrast available. Last, the Lifesize Unity 50 video conference system comes in a sleek, stylish design that encases all of the integrated, optimized components, providing a globally uniform solution so that no matter the location, the experience is the same.

  7. Can I really assemble a Lifesize Unity 50 system without any tools?

    Yes. With the Lifesize Unity 50, you just plug in the power and Ethernet cables. That’s it. 

  8. How do the Lifesize Unity 50 system provide high investment protection?

    The Lifesize Unity 50 solution provides high investment protection for your organization because it’s simple to set up, manage and use, and it’s easy to redeploy to new locations or even within an existing location quickly.

  9. Will Lifesize provide all the cables required to set up?

    Yes, Lifesize provides all the necessary cables required to deploy the systems. Furthermore, these cables are color-coded and a quick-reference card is provided to help in the assembly process.

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