Available in the United States and Canada, LifeSize Flexible Leasing offers leasing programs to customers looking to streamline their cash flow while taking advantage of cutting-edge video conferencing technology.

For some organizations, making an investment in technology is a big step. What if something better hits the market next year or your business needs change?  As a response to these common concerns, LifeSize Flexible Leasing created the Smart Lease™ program. We have a traditional capital lease too, but Smart Lease is very different. Read more to find out why.

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Lease Programs

Smart Lease is about how you buy, not what you buy. It’s about smart flexibility by way of an operating expense featuring the LifeSize Guarantee, which allows you to replace your entire video solution--without penalties--if it no longer meets your needs. The Smart Lease program can also be classified as an off-balance-sheet item if structured properly, includes act-of-God coverage and offers several end-of-term options to suit any business need. 

Traditional Lease is an ownership program for those who prefer a capital expense and know upfront that they would like to own the equipment at the end of term. Referred to as a $1 Out Lease in the United States, you simply make the last payment of $1 and you then own your LifeSize system.  


Sure, you can use your cash to acquire your LifeSize video conference equipment or get a loan from your bank, but with the Smart Lease program, why would you want to? Smart Lease offers welcomed flexibility in this ever-changing technology marketplace—and LifeSize is the only video manufacturer to provide this 100% peace of mind.  

Tired of new technology being released shortly after you buy something and finding that it’s on the fast track to becoming obsolete? This is not an issue at LifeSize.  Yes, we continue to advance our products, but Smart Lease will cover you if your video conferencing technology becomes obsolete or can no longer meet your business needs. Simply activate the LifeSize Guarantee that comes with the Smart Lease program and replace your system at anytime during the contract term without financial penalty.  

Smart Lease also has your back when a natural disaster strikes. We’ll reimburse you up to USD$5,000 toward your insurance deductible cost if your system incurs damage as a result of a hurricane, an earthquake, a flood, lightning or a tornado.

Further flexibility is found at the end of the term with multiple options for you to choose from: renew your contract and continue making easy monthly payments, buy the video conference equipment, return it to us or replace it. Simply put, the LifeSize Smart Lease program provides more value and less risk than any other method of acquisition.

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