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Your Lifesize products will run at their best when you keep them current. To make sure yours is up to date, you can download software updates here. To activate your video conferencing software download, log in to your account below. If you’re new to Lifesize, you must first create an account. Once it’s active, you’ll be able to download software, and you’ll be registered to get software update notifications.

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Please note: You need a current maintenance agreement to access product updates. If yours isn’t current, contact your authorized Lifesize partner or email us directly at Service Renewals.

Recent Updates

Software Version 2.0.1 for Lifesize Icon Video Systems (July 2014)
This new release improves the overall quality of Lifesize Icon video systems. Lifesize recommends that all customers upgrade to this version immediately.

Software Version 4.12.3 for Lifesize 220 Video Systems (July 2014)
This new release resolves the 4.12.1 upgrade issue affecting Lifesize Phone. It is recommended that all customers upgrade to this version immediately.

Lifesize Bridge Version 2.3.1 (July 2014)
This latest release includes improvements and minor fixes.

Software Version 2.0 for Lifesize Icon (June 2014)
This new release enables Lifesize Icon room video systems to connect to Lifesize Cloud. This rich set of new features includes pairing, shared directory, call escalation, firewall traversal and automatic software updates. Also included in this release are new presentation layout, SNMP support and IP-PBX registration in Integrated Mode.

Lifesize UVC Platform Version 1.3 (May 2014)
This latest release includes support for the new Lifesize UVC 3380 hardware, an updated Lifesize UVC Capacity Planner and other minor fixes.

Lifesize UVC Platform 1.3 includes:


  • Lifesize UVC ClearSea Server version 4.0.5, including minor fixes. The desktop client included in this server release is Lifesize ClearSea Client 8.2.10.
  • Lifesize UVC Multipoint version 1.6.3, including minor fixes for improved performance.
  • Lifesize UVC Video Center version 2.2.7, including minor fixes.
  • Lifesize UVC Manager and Lifesize UVC Manager Proxy version 1.2.3, including minor fixes.
  • Lifesize UVC Transit Server and Client version 4.1.5, including minor fixes.
  • Lifesize UVC Access version 1.5.5

Heartbleed Bug (April 2014)
Lifesize has been working to assess the impact for our customers in the wake of the disclosure of the Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160) on April 7. We are responding to this critical vulnerability in OpenSSL’s handling of heartbeat packets and are conducting a comprehensive security review in response.

The general assessment related to this bug is that the only confirmed products with vulnerability are Lifesize UVC ClearSea Server and Lifesize ClearSea Client.

Lifesize UVC ClearSea Server Version 4.0.4 (April 2014)

This release includes an update to OpenSSL version 1.0.1g to address the Heartbleed vulnerability on both Server and Desktop Client (v. 8.2.10). 

Lifesize Cloud

Already a Lifesize Cloud customer and looking for the Lifesize Cloud app? Visit our Lifesize Cloud Software Download page to download the Lifesize Cloud app for your laptop (Mac or Windows), tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android or Amazon). 

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Recent Updates

If you use Lifesize Cloud, you don’t need to worry about these updates. Your software updates automatically, so it’s always up to date. Additional update information available on the Lifesize Cloud What's New page

Lifesize Cloud App 9.0.60 (September 2014)
In this release Lifesize® 220™ Series video systems (Lifesize® Room 220™, Lifesize® Room 220i™, Lifesize® Team 220™, Lifesize® Express 220™) can now be paired to Lifesize Cloud providing the wonderful benefits of the service like: quick and easy setup, shared directory and virtual meeting rooms, automatic software updates, and call escalation for group calls with up to 25 participants. We also now offer the ability to assign multiple account managers via the web console.

Lifesize Cloud App 9.0.54 (August 2014)
In this release Windows users will now be able to select one of their open application windows or their desktop to share as a presentation. Account Managers can now access the MSI installer for the Windows app from the Advanced Settings page in the Web Console. This allows administrators to distribute the installer with their IT tools. Additional improvements and minor fixes are also included.

Lifesize Cloud App 9.0.44 (July 2014)
In this release users can experience the most vivid, realistic video quality on the market with up to p60 group video calls on Lifesize Icon room video systems, and Account Managers can centrally manage all registered video systems via the Web Console.

Lifesize Cloud App 9.0.40 (July 2014)
In this release Mac users can now add, edit and delete personal contacts in the directory; Windows users can now see the number of participants in their call; and everyone can view and subscribe to Lifesize Cloud status updates and update their own user profile. 

Lifesize Cloud App 9.0.32 (June 2014)
In this release several new features enhance the Windows app user experience including the ability to: invite a guest; join a meeting as a guest; and add, edit and delete meetings. 

Lifesize Cloud App 9.0.29 (June 2014)
In this release the Account Manager now has the ability to change their email address in the Web Console, giving companies the ability to change account managers quickly and easily. This release also installs .NET v4.5.1 before installing the Lifesize Cloud app on Windows laptops providing a simplified installation experience. Additional improvements and minor fixes are also included.