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Quincy Newspapers, Inc. Relies on Lifesize® HD Video to Keep Television, Newspaper and Radio Businesses Connected

QNI uses HD video to improve communication and reduce travel, leading to the sale of the company plane

Austin, Texas, juin 23, 2009

Like so many other industries, the epic shifts taking place within media and advertising organizations are causing many to rethink business processes and budgets. For Quincy Newspapers, Inc. (QNI), a family-owned media company based in Quincy, Illinois, the financial and productivity costs of routine business travel were becoming increasingly untenable. As a growing media organization with 16 offices dispersed throughout the Midwest, QNI turned to Lifesize HD video conferencing systems to reduce travel expenses – including the sale of the company plane – while fostering greater opportunity for both executives and staff to collaborate face-to-face.

“The world changed in 2008 and we had to make a smart decision about how we would maintain the efficiency of our business while undertaking some significant cost-cutting measures,” said Brady Dreasler, Director of Capital, Engineering, and Facilities at Quincy Newspapers. Now, the company plane is gone and Lifesize is in – and we haven’t looked back. Since implementing Lifesize, we’ve seen a quick ROI in terms of improved communications across our offices and a significantly reduced travel budget. With less travel comes more time at home, and that’s had a positive impact on our staff’s quality and overall morale.”

QNI has deployed a total of 16 Lifesize systems at its headquarters and regional centers, including Lifesize® Express™, Lifesize® Team MP™ and Lifesize® Room™ systems. HD video is now used to host a wide range of communications for the company’s 800 employees, including weekly departmental head meetings, employee training, and remote job interviews. QNI is also using its Lifesize systems to conduct talent scouting, and news directors are using the video output on the Lifesize codec to test video directly from the production camera before a show airs. Lifesize systems were also a core component of QNI’s coordinated effort to manage FCC requirements during the switch-over from analog to digital transmission at the company’s 12 broadcast affiliates.

The next step for QNI is to integrate the Lifesize systems into on-location, recurring news segments. Not only is the Lifesize system far less expensive than a standard TV camera or microwave system, QNI can also permanently place an HD video system from a recurring reporting site, such as a hospital or school. This option provides an “always-on” capability where a reporter can simply walk in, turn on the Lifesize system and broadcast live in HD.

“Using the Lifesize video systems is addictive,” Dreasler continued. “Department heads are communicating and making real-time decisions that directly impact the success of our newspaper, radio and broadcast business. Our talent coach is looking at the ability to interactively train and prepare on-air talent. Our conference rooms are constantly filled, and that’s a good thing because it means everyone is taking an active role in moving our company forward.”

“Smart companies like Quincy are turning to video communications as a cost-saving business tool in today’s economic climate,” said Colin Buechler, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Lifesize Communications, Inc. “Not only have they seen a rapid ROI from travel dollars saved, they’re poised to realize significant productivity gains and competitive advantage from new and innovative uses of HD video. We are excited to be a technology partner to progressive companies like Quincy.”

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