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LifeSize® Announces Firewall/NAT Traversal Solution

LifeSize Transit® Provides Secure, Reliable High Definition Video Connections

Austin, Texas, May 02 2006

LifeSize, the high definition video communications company, today announced its firewall/NAT (Network Address Translation) traversal solution - LifeSize Transit™ - for video communications. LifeSize Transit enables LifeSize customers to make video calls within and across enterprises by securely traversing firewalls.

Concerns over network security and integrity have hindered the ability for some organizations to utilize and support video communications between IP networks. Conducting video calls by passing through a network firewall meant opening and closing multiple communication ports, leaving networks vulnerable to possible attacks. With LifeSize Transit, LifeSize customers will be able to conduct global IP video communications that do not place their networks, data or businesses at risk.

LifeSize Transit supports 20 simultaneous 1MB video calls, offers UDP and TCP support, and delivers scalability through clustering. Components include:

LifeSize Transit Server - a plug-and-play SIP-based appliance that provides signaling, media and registrar services including URI dialing for easy naming conventions. List Price: $11,995.

LifeSize Transit Connector - software embedded in LifeSize Room™ for enabling firewall/NAT traversal support. Included free of charge with LifeSize Room.

LifeSize Transit Client - a plug-and-play SIP-based appliance needed only to enable non-LifeSize video endpoints to securely traverse firewalls. List Price: $5,995.

"We are pleased to offer our customers a world class firewall/NAT traversal solution that enables them to conduct secure video calls without any network concerns or other risks," said Craig Malloy, CEO of LifeSize. "Not only can we offer LifeSize Room customers this benefit, but even those with legacy videoconferencing products can realize the value delivered by LifeSize Transit."

LifeSize Room is the first high definition video communications product of its kind and provides better quality at any bandwidth. For a comparable price range to that of traditional, low resolution videoconferencing systems, LifeSize Room offers nearly ten times the video quality improvement and twice the audio coverage over other solutions, resulting in a greatly enhanced user experience.

A proposito di LifeSize

LifeSize è un'azienda pioniera nel settore della collaborazione video in alta definizione. Progettata per rendere davvero universali le comunicazioni tramite videoconferenza, la nostra gamma completa di sistemi basati su standard aperti offre tecnologie innovative e compatibili con le infrastrutture IT preesistenti, per un'interazione "faccia a faccia" a qualunque distanza. Fondata nel 2003 ed acquisita da Logitech nel 2009, LifeSize è da sempre impegnata nell'innovazione e nella distribuzione delle migliori tecnologie di videoconferenza di alta qualità a tutti e ovunque. Per ulteriori informazioni, visitare

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