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Goodbaby Group Deploys LifeSize® for Global HD Video Communications

World´s largest baby carriage supplier deploys HD video enterprise-wide – from executive offices to global R&D center – to increase efficiency, promote better collaboration

Austin, Texas, August 17 2009

At Goodbaby Group, China’s leading brand for children’s products and the world’s leading supplier of baby strollers, modern management techniques and state-of-the-art technology is core to the company’s status as a world class company. As a global brand with business interests spanning Asia, North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East, collaboration is a necessity. The need to bring worldwide affiliates together led Goodbaby Group to select HD video solutions from LifeSize Communications.

Goodbaby Group’s enterprise-wide implementation of LifeSize systems has enabled the company to communicate face-to-face – whenever necessary and as simply as placing a phone call – with colleagues located in geographically dispersed design and manufacturing facilities. As a result, Goodbaby has seen an increase in productivity and business efficiency while significantly reducing its need for international travel. Prior to LifeSize, US-based executives would travel to China four to six times per year. However, in the first eight months since the introduction of LifeSize in late 2008, many executives have cut their travel to only one trip to China.

“With LifeSize, communication is convenient and completely seamless,” said Michael Qu, Vice President, Global Operations at Goodbaby Group. “For example, senior leadership is able to meet face-to-face with the president on a monthly basis, whereas we used to conduct these meetings through conference calls. Because we’re using LifeSize in this way every day and across continents, our communication is much clearer and there just isn’t a need to travel as much as before. We’ve saved a lot of money in travel expenses and recovered our costs in just two to three months since deployment.”

As a products-based company, improved collaboration has impacted the ability of multiple Goodbaby departments to operate more effectively and efficiently. One such area is Goodbaby’s R&D centers, which now use HD video communications to review product designs. Using a rotating table, Goodbaby can display all views of a product to a roomful of people, allowing everyone to get a detailed understanding of its form and function. Goodbaby is also using LifeSize’s built-in data display capability to share presentations and schematics during meetings, replacing the need for an extra Web-based presentation client. With LifeSize systems in place in key offices, a true on-site meeting environment is created as all participants around the globe are able to view the same product at the same time, speeding product development and time-to-market.

“In the past, when we wanted to discuss something, we had to launch a lot of conference calls and ship the product design sample at least 72 hours in advance via express delivery, which was a big expense,” Qu said. “After the LifeSize deployment, we no longer have to send samples, as we can see them over video. The time and cost saved is huge.”

“When innovative companies realize the potential HD video has to offer, the possibilities are endless,” said Craig Malloy, CEO, LifeSize Communications. “Goodbaby has built a dynamic success story through focus, ingenuity and purpose and we are pleased to be a service provider to such a world-class brand.”

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