Virtual Field Trip Extravaganza - "Folklore and Fables"

October 12, 2012

Do your students love to tell stories? Have they ever seen a story be told by a master storyteller? This October, our Virtual Field Trip Extravaganza Series will focus on "Folklore and Fables". We'll hear outrageous stories brought to life through readings and performances by expert storytellers and authors. We'll explore myths and legends behind the fables and even experience stories through puppetry.

Not familiar with virtual field trips? No problem. A virtual field trip happens in the comfort of your classroom, library or auditorium via the power of live video. Review clips from previous Extravaganzas here.

All of the field trips will be streamed live on this page, so grab a computer and get ready for some fun for your class!


  • 9:00 am CDT A National Theater Company of One: "Christopher Columbus" (geared towards grade levels 6-12) This program is a live first-person presentation of Christopher Columbus discussing his first voyage and sharing a map of his journey. We'll also discuss the historical-based character and separate myth from fact.
  • 10:00 am CDT Houston Audubon: "Stories from the Earth" (geared towards grade levels 1-8) Listen to stories from our ancestors while learning about the amazing creatures that call Earth “home”. We will unravel some of the most well-known folktales and listen to some lesser-known tales that teach us the lessons of “stewardship” for our planet. Live birds and other animals bring this program to life.
  • 11:00 am CDT A National Theater Company of One: "Johnny Appleseed" (geared towards grade levels 3-5) Hear Johnny Appleseed tell you about his family, his beginnings and his importance on the western frontier. Along the way, he will engage you with funny stories and maybe convince you to buy some of his apple seedlings for a penny.
  • 12:00 pm CDT Cleveland Museum of Art : "Gods and Heroes of the Maya" (geared towards grade levels 6-12) The Maya Popol Vuh (Council Book) relates tales of the Hero Twins who make the world safe for the arrival of human beings. During this lesson, students explore this creation myth and other aspects of the Maya culture by examining artifacts from The Cleveland Museum of Art.
  • 1:00 pm CDT Center for Puppetry Arts: "Little Red Hen & the Grain of Wheat" (geared towards grade levels K-5) This classic tale comes to life through an interactive performance led by puppeteer Jeffrey Zwartjes. Colorful hand puppets tell the story of a hen who finds a grain of wheat. She wants to harvest the wheat but none of the other barnyard animals will help her, so she decides to do it all herself. Will Little Red Hen share her bounty with the other animals? Your will students decide and will learn lessons of hard work.
  • 2:00 pm CDT Houston Audubon: "Stories that SOAR: Birds in Mythology, Legend, and Storytelling" (geared towards grade levels K-5) Hear stories and legends from around the world as we explore the history of our most famous or infamous birds. Meet live birds as we go back in time to discover fact and fiction about our feathered friends.

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