Wow! 10 Surprising Facts About Our Increasingly-Mobile World

Mobility is a hot topic around the tech world these days, and for good reason.  Not only are we as a society becoming increasingly mobile, but business in particular is at the forefront of this societal shift; you’ve probably read about the bring-your-own-device trend, the rise of the remote workforce, and the increase in mobile-device sales.  But it’s important to understand that the move towards a mobile workplace isn’t over and done with – it’s an ongoing shift that will continue to pick up steam for at least another decade to come.  Companies looking to stay ahead of the curve – and their competition – need to continue adapting to this rapidly changing marketplace.

To prove that point, we’ve rounded up 10 surprising but true facts about mobile devices and the mobile workplace.  Did you know that:

1. Smartphones haven’t just been outselling PCs, they’ve been doing so for almost three years.While PCs and laptops still drive production, consumption is increasingly moving to tablets and smartphones.  Back in 2011, nearly 40 percent of consumers purchased products or services via their smartphone; in 2013, 56 percent of users said they researched products online using their smartphone.

2. About 25 percent of Americans access the Internet strictly from their mobile device. On a related note, 1 in 7 tech B2B searches are from mobile devices.  By the end of 2014, that number is expected to jump to nearly 1 in 3.

3. Business Insider projects that by 2016, about 1.6 billion smartphones will be purchased annually. Furthermore, smartphones are projected to outsell PCs worldwide by a roughly three-to-one margin.

4. There are 271 million mobile subscribers in the United States. The US Census Bureau estimates that the US population is approximately 317 million, meaning that 86 percent of the total population is mobile.

5. Mobile data usage increased by 89 percent in just one year, from 2010 to 2011, according to Nielsen. As providers adapt their pricing to meet current demands and further improve data efficiency, this meteoric growth will actually increase.

6. About 10 percent of the US workforce works from home at least some of the time. Perhaps more crucially, in a 1,000-person survey by Good Technology, 80 percent of respondents said they worked at home after leaving the office, for an average of about seven hours a week.  With a growing number of full- or part-time long-distance employees, company-specific mobile infrastructure will become increasingly important.

7. The United States Census Bureau found that about 8.1 percent of the workforce (10.8 million people) have hour-long commutes. An additional 600,000 workers were “megacommuters,” whose drives to work are 90 minutes or longer.  Teleworkers aren’t the only people who could benefit from connecting to the office remotely.  If these long-distance commuters could plug into the office from the road, efficiency would skyrocket.

8. Some 45 percent of American workers “hold a job that is compatible with at least part-time telework.”And if the bellwether survey which found that 80 percent of Accenture employees said that their flexible work-from-home schedules made them want to stay with the company is any indication, more and more of that demographic is likely to start telecommuting at least part time over the next few years.

9. Over a quarter of all emails are opened on mobile phones. Another 10.16 percent are opened on tablets.  When you consider that many of these emails are work-related, it suggests that the boundaries of where we work are becoming fuzzier and fuzzier.

10. Mobile video conferencing systems not only support smartphones and tablets, but cater to mobile users as well. Lifesize, for example, supports enterprise-grade video conferencing calls on over 50 mobile devices.  Video conferencing has gone from room-sized solutions to fitting in your pocket in just over a decade.

If these ten facts have proven anything, it’s that we aren’t just living in a mobile society: we’re living in a society that’s growing increasingly mobile every single day.  The trends we enumerated above are getting more and more pronounced year over year, and companies that don’t stay in front of the curve run the risk of being left behind.

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