South African Grocery Chain Reduces Travel by 70 Percent by Switching to HD Video Conferencing

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator

With over 160 convenience supermarkets and 20 “hypermarkets”, this grocery company in South Africa is one of the most successful retailers in the country. Praised in the press for its sustainable living initiatives, the company is well known for promoting green products and encouraging an eco-friendly lifestyle among employees and customers.

To support a company of such size, over 50,000 individuals are employed by the grocery chain in South Africa and Australia (namely Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth). Because the workforce was so geographically dispersed, air travel was routinely used in order for executives to collaborate face-to-face. In fact, business travel was so frequent; some employees reported that they felt they had spent more time in airports than their own office. Sound familiar?

In order to provide a better quality of life for these employees, as well as reduce carbon emissions (to meet the company’s green initiatives), the grocery chain began investigating alternatives to travel, including HD video conferencing. After careful consideration, decision makers selected LifeSize Express and LifeSize Room endpoints to implement in offices around the country. LifeSize proved untouchable in three main categories: HD quality, bandwidth efficiency and price performance.

After switching to HD video, the company reduced travel by 70 percent. The employees who used to travel at least three days a week are now only out of the office for about four hours per month. Additionally, the company saved over 1,000 lbs. of CO2 by avoiding just one round-trip flight from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. Based on their previous travel schedules, this totals nearly 13,000 lbs. per week.

To learn more about how this major grocery chain used video to save on travel and reduce its environmental impact, read the full case study: Grocery Chain Pursues Green Initiatives, Reduces Travel by 70 Percent with LifeSize HD Video Systems.

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  1. Which grocery chain is this? SPAR?

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