LifeSize Technology Used for “State of the European Union” Address

Video collaboration really is the technology of the future, as evidenced by today’s State of the European Union, happening now in Brussels. In order to share the address with more people in more places, the EU has decided to use HD video conferencing technology to broadcast the presentation.

To tune in to the live stream, click on the screenshot below:


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2 Responses to LifeSize Technology Used for “State of the European Union” Address

  1. Hans Lilja says:

    How can you publish a picture with all cables hanging bown from the screen?! Did they install the system themselfs? Send a tech guy to fix this………….

    • jzellman says:

      Hans, You are right – there are quite a few cables in the picture, but we just wanted to show an example this really cool use case! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the blog post. – Julie

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