Subscribe to Video Evangelist Simon Dudley’s Podcasts – Free!

Our very own video evangelist Simon Dudley has put out a series of podcasts that are available for download absolutely free!

simon dudleyTopics include:

  • What Won’t Happen in the Video Conferencing Industry in 2014
  • What Will Happen in the Video Conferencing Industry in 2014
  • 5 Things to Consider when Installing Video Conferencing Technology – with Forrester Research
  • The Real ROI of Video Conferencing
  • WebRTC: Is it the End of the Video Conferencing Business or a Huge Boost?
  • Why Google Hangouts and Skype Don’t Cut it for Business

Follow this link to listen to any of the above podcasts or to subscribe to the series.

This is great to listen to at home, in the car or just about anywhere. Have some ideas for topics you’d like for Simon to speak about? Share them in the comment box below or email them to


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