LifeSize® Connections™ – A New Era in Cloud-based Video Conferencing – Now Available

Scott Lomond

by Scott Lomond, Vice President of Video Conferencing Services, LifeSize

Today marks a significant turning point in the HD video conferencing market. LifeSize Connections, our cloud-based, business-class HD video collaboration platform, is globally available for purchase. We couldn’t be more excited to bring this game-changing solution to market.

LifeSize Connections enables companies to deploy HD video conferencing across their organizations quickly and easily. To date, only a limited number of businesses are able to enjoy HD quality video conferencing because of the technical complexity and upfront expense of traditional on-premises video conferencing infrastructure deployments. Though companies across the world understand the technology’s benefits, there have been simply too many barriers to spark truly broad adoption.

LifeSize Connections eliminates these barriers and allows many more businesses to enter a new world of productivity, reduced travel costs, minimized carbon emissions, work/life balance and genuine human interaction enabled by face-to-face communications, all through our hosted service. Cloud-enabled video conferencing is no longer a far-away strategy on a lengthy roadmap. It is here. Now.

Another issue that the industry has faced in the past is the requirement that all participants in a video call needed to have their own video system. This made video communication difficult to use with outside clients, suppliers and partners that may not have invested in video capabilities themselves. With LifeSize Connections, users can have a video call with anyone in the world because the platform’s only requirements are an email address, Internet access, a webcam and a computer.

Finally, deploying video systems to remote sites and at-home teleworkers has always been difficult in the traditional on-premises model.   This has been a labor intensive activity that required a high level of involvement from IT, if it was even possible.  LifeSize Connections introduces a new auto-provisioning technology that makes deploying video systems anywhere simple and fast. For desktop users, download the client to your Mac or PC and it just works. No IT help required.

LifeSize Connections won’t be the only cloud-based video conferencing platform on the market. Our competitors are starting to make noise about their own cloud services, but no one has taken the time and effort to build what we have in Connections.

We have listened to the needs of our customers and have delivered an altogether new video conferencing platform that is truly affordable and easier to use than anything else on the market. And LifeSize Connections 1.0 is only the beginning. We are already working hard on the next wave of Connections capabilities, which as you might have guessed will fold in mobile and tablet clients through our LifeSize ClearSea solution as well as gateway services for interoperating with third-party devices and networks.

LifeSize Connections is a turning point for LifeSize and for our industry. LifeSize has always been a leader in making video more powerful, more affordable, and easier to use and deploy. With LifeSize Connections, LifeSize once more is changing the game. I’m thrilled to announce general availability of this groundbreaking platform and I am confident that our customers and partners will love it.

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