A New Era

When we founded Lifesize in March of 2003, our original business plan included (along with building the world’s best conference room video system which we did, by the way) a concept for a Universal Connectivity service which would allow anyone from anywhere IP video calling across firewalls just like dialing a phone, all without the need for any on-premise infrastructure. To prove it, here is the slide from an early board meeting in 2004. (KMV was the pre-Lifesize name of our company.)

kmv slide

OK, so we’ve been working on this for more than 11 years but we’ve finally done it! We have now fulfilled the early vision of our company (minus the ISDN piece…).

Lifesize Cloud is here!

Lifesize Cloud is the first and only complete connected device and cloud service for video calling. We’ve finally solved all the previously-unsolvable roadblocks to full and blissfully-simple video collaboration for any organization of any size.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create an account at http://www.lifesize.com

2. Invite your co-workers to join the community

3. Install the apps of your choice on your favorite devices

4. Plug in your Lifesize Icon conference room system into power, TV, network and log in

5.  Go!

Make calls. Lots of them. Even call 25 people at one time or they can call you, directly, by name, from the instantly updated directory with presence.

We handle all the hard stuff in our Cloud, hosted in IBM data centers around the world. Firewall traversal. Directories. Meetings. Multiparty calling. Presence. Guests. E-mail integration. Calendar invites. It’s all included.

Even your summer intern can set this up. There is no help needed from your IT staff. They can go out for a coffee.

There is nothing else like this, anywhere. On-premise infrastructure can’t scale like our Cloud. Web conferencing is terrible in a conference room environment. Free consumer video calling is great for my kids, not your business. The new video cloud infrastructure services only work in an unnatural, “invite and meet–me” model because they can’t fully integrate with conference room systems.

We believe that people should be able to connect to other people, directly, anytime, anywhere, and from any environment, in addition to attending meetings. This is where the connected conference room device is so important.

Think of your favorite connected device solution. Maybe it’s Apple TV, Nest or Square. Mine is my new Aria web connected bathroom scale from Fitbit. My wife, Robyn, refuses to get near it…The point is, however, that these companies are all cloud service providers at their core, but they’ve also built a connected device to ensure a perfect user experience.

And this is what we’ve done at Lifesize. We’ve taken our incredible conference room system and made it a fully aware, fully connected participant, just like our mobile apps, in our radically simple cloud service. And that makes all the difference. And no one else can do it.

Video communication will never be the same. Welcome to the new Lifesize.

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  1. Vishvatosh

    Hello Sir,

    Do we get all the Applications and features like recording and streaming in High Definition Video formats ,Group text Chats, (In Case of Audio Failure) , Layout Configuration,Far End Audio Mute and other UVC platform features in this Hosted Cloud Solutions.


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