The Video Conferencing Blog discusses the technical, cultural, psychological, and just plain funny aspects of video use in the 21st century as it becomes more and more entrenched as a medium for communication in everyday life. With a focus on the use of video in business, healthcare, education and government, we attempt to inform, educate and often entertain with news and analysis by Lifesize employees as well as experts from across the industry. From our engineering groups to marketing to HR, we are a company that uses video every day to conduct business, and we enable more than 2,000 businesses in over 100 countries to communicate in high definition. As a result, we believe we have a valuable perspective, though we pledge to keep the commercialism to a minimum!

Lifesize believes in a world where HD video conferencing is as widespread and simple as a phone call, connecting anyone, anywhere. As society gets closer to this reality, we invite you to read our blog often and let us know your opinions and ideas. We hope the Video Conferencing Blog will become a go-to resource for you!

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  1. Ed Kolda

    My client is looking for a point to point video solution for Healthcare in the ICU rooms of hospitals. Currently we are looking at cart based, wall mount and robot based video solutions. The solution must be compliant with HIPAA and FDA. There needs to be reputable distributors of the solution.




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