The Flex Factor: Exploring Alternatives to Buying Video Conferencing Equipment

Alpha Ecological chose LifeSize Flexible Leasing, powered by TAMCO.

There’s not doubt that deploying video conferencing throughout your organization is an investment in your company’s future. Not only does it improve collaboration and help facilitate better relationships among your employees, it makes them more productive and saves money by reducing business travel, as well. Though there are many affordable product options on the market today, some companies are hesitant to own video conferencing equipment since the market is always growing, evolving and changing. What if you purchase 10 systems today and find out that a newer version has come out six months later?

One of LifeSize’s customers, Alpha Ecological, felt the way many other customers do. The decision makers of the eco-friendly pest control company were hesitant about purchasing VC solutions for fear the technology would quickly become outpaced.

“We didn’t want our business to be left in the dust while we wait for five years to save money for a new system while the old one is sitting on the shelf,” said Andrew Hein, IT director for Alpha Ecological.


After stating these concerns to a certified LifeSize channel partner, Hein learned about LifeSize Smart Lease, a financing program offered by LifeSize Flexible Leasing. This leasing program is a smart way for businesses to invest in the VC solutions they need immediately, rather than having to guess what solutions they will need in the future. Additionally, if a newer technology from LifeSize is introduced to the market and a company feels like that solution would better suit its needs, the company could “rip and replace” without enduring any financial penalty. Finally, leasing is an ideal choice for companies who want to distribute the cost in monthly payments, rather than a lump sum.

“[The leasing] program satisfies IT because they can get what they need without the fear of rapid change and CFOs approve it because it doesn’t impact their balance sheet,” said our channel partner. “Smart Lease is win-win.”

To read the entire case study of Alpha Ecological and why they selected flexible leasing, please visit Eco-Friendly Pest Control Company Leases LifeSize HD Video Technology to Connect Remote Offices, Telecommuters.

Another alternative to buying video conferencing equipment is to use it at a third-party work space, like Regus. Regus offers all of the amenities of an executive business suite, including HD video conferencing from LifeSize. If you are traveling for business or need an office space for a client meeting, renting a Regus office is the perfect solution for your needs. When you rent an office through Regus, HD video conferencing is available on an as-needed basis. If you have one call or 10, you can reserve an LPR (LifeSize Public Room) to call any standards-based video conferencing system in the world. (Because LifeSize is interoperable with other systems, like Polycom and Cisco, you have the flexibility to call anyone, anywhere.) Using a Regus room is also a great way to test out video conferencing, if you are still on the fence about whether it will work for your company. However, once you experience the crystal clear picture quality of a LifeSize video call, it will be hard to imagine conducting business in any other way.

Here are some images of an LPR in the Austin Regus office:

Leasing and third-party work spaces are two great alternatives to purchasing video conferencing equipment. Have others? Share them in the comment box below.

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