Top 5 Reasons the Cloud May Be the Answer for Your Business

It seems that CIOs all over the world are exclaiming, “We’re moving to the cloud!” But why? The idea of the cloud is not new, but it’s become increasingly more popular as companies look for ways to reduce costs, increase flexibility and provide simplicity for their workers. When it comes to video conferencing, the cloud is a great option for companies that are new to video, small to medium-sized businesses and those with overloaded IT teams. Here are the top five reasons why the cloud might be the right video conferencing deployment option for your organization:

1. You want a simple solution that will be up and running in minutes: Many companies do not have the resources, either financial or human, to deploy, manage and use complex on-premises infrastructure. If yours is a small business, you may want to talk to only a few key vendors over video, but you want to be able to do this simply and easily. With a cloud-based video conferencing solution, it’s simple to download software and get up and running in minutes. An easy user interface provides a simple, name-based directory for easy dialing; search functionality to locate someone quickly; the ability to communicate via audio, video or instant message; and presence so you know when someone is available. You can’t get much simpler than that.

2. Your company wants to save money: Deploying video conferencing can be expensive. With a cloud-based video conferencing solution, you pay no upfront costs. There are also no long-term commitments or proprietary hardware. All it takes is a simple software download with pay-as-you-go pricing for as low as $30 USD a month. There are no hidden fees. Promise.

3. You don’t have a huge IT department to manage your video environment: For businesses without a team of IT ninjas, a cloud-based solution is the perfect option. There’s no complex infrastructure to deploy, maintain or manage. Anyone can download and install the software from a website. Since the video conferencing software is being hosted in the cloud by the service provider, all the IT work is handled by that service provider. How nice is that?

4. You want a reliable video collaboration solution and are sick of consumer-based products: It’s great to be able to meet face to face over video, but what if you wanted to take that one step further? Real-time data sharing is a great added value for instant collaboration and increasing productivity. Not only will you be able to see the other participants in crystal-clear HD, you can also share information instantly without any additional software or headaches.

5. You value security and need a video solution that will keep your calls private: : Competition is fierce, and you need the reassurance of knowing that your video conferencing calls are 100 percent secure. But how can they be secure if the video conferencing solution is hosted in the cloud? Easy. Another benefit of cloud-based video conferencing is that the service provider manages the security. Most cloud-based video conferencing offers built-in firewall traversal and encrypt your calls for ultimate security, both inside and outside your company.

LifeSize Connections is the fastest way to add and extend HD video conferencing to your business, enabling secure, immersive communication between meeting rooms and desktops through an intuitive, cloud-based platform. Connect with up to nine participants via 720p30 HD video, all from the comfort of your desk, while you share data, send instant messages and more. LifeSize Connections is delivered via the cloud, allowing you to scale your solution quickly and easily as your organization grows. Amazingly simple, simply amazing. What are some reasons your company “moved to the cloud”? Share them with us in the comment box below.

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