Changing the Game: HD Video to Anyone, Anywhere, on Any Device

by Craig Malloy, CEO, LifeSize

Craig Malloy, CEO, LifeSize

LifeSize is truly changing the game of universal video collaboration as we know it. With a company-wide vision of making the HD video call as ubiquitous as a phone call, LifeSize has taken active steps to making this form of technology more intuitive, more accessible and simpler than ever before.

Just as we embraced HD quality to the mainstream video conferencing space in 2005, we continue to see key trends exploding in the market, namely: cloud-based video conferencing, mobility and expanding the accessibility of video calling to more organizations. In order to address those trends and ensure that we provide our customers with the most innovative solutions on the market today, LifeSize is proud to announce Logitech’s acquisition of Mirial, to extend video collaboration to anyone, anywhere and on any device, LifeSize Connections – a cloud-based, business-class HD video collaboration platform and a new sub-$1,000 LifeSize Passport Connect video endpoint.

Logitech acquires Mirial: Today, Logitech announced the acquisition of Mirial, a Milan-based leading provider of personal and mobile video conferencing solutions. With this acquisition, LifeSize can offer a more comprehensive portfolio of universal video collaboration solutions including best-in-class desktop, tablet and mobile video calling software. Mirial products are expected to be immediately available through LifeSize and will be integrated into future LifeSize products and services.

LifeSize Connections: LifeSize Connections is a cloud-based HD video conferencing platform that delivers immersive, multiparty communication at enterprise-level quality. The platform delivers seamless, encrypted HD video calling across the enterprise – connecting LifeSize video systems in conference rooms to desktop users on PCs or Mac computers.

Perfect for companies with a geographically-distributed workforce or client-base or for those who are new to HD video conferencing, LifeSize Connections is loaded with features to make deployment simple and headache-free.

Product features of LifeSize Connections include:

Reducing the IT burden

  • Seamless integration among meeting rooms, PCs or Mac computers
  • Auto-configuration of endpoints and software clients including directory services
  • Integrated firewall traversal to help ensure call connectivity over any network
  • Encrypted, Web-based administration including user-specific bandwidth control, reporting and user management

Simplifying use for any user


  • Simple click-to-call, presence-enabled dialing with seamless call escalation to multi-party calling
  • Data sharing and instant messaging capabilities

Making HD video communication accessible


  • Up to nine-way multipoint calling at 720p with encrypted media and signaling
  • Cloud-based scalability that grows with an organization simply and easily to help reduce costs and IT support
  • An optional free trial of the product before committing to a purchase

LifeSize Connections is expected to be globally available in the third calendar quarter of 2011.

LifeSize® Passport Connect™: Today, LifeSize introduces a new HD video conferencing system optimized for cloud-based platforms, LifeSize® Passport Connect™.  The LifeSize Passport Connect is the first product that leverages both Logitech and LifeSize technology, as well as the industry’s first sub-$1,000 HD video conferencing solution (with a one-year subscription to LifeSize Connections). The LifeSize Passport Connect is expected to be available globally in the third calendar quarter of 2011.

To us, our goal of “relentless innovation” means more flexibility, more deployment options and overall, more choice for our customers. By introducing new products and services to the HD video industry, we believe we are not only meeting, but exceeding that goal. Whether you want to implement your own on-premise HD video network, use our cloud-based, business-class platform or make video calls from your iPhone or Android smartphone, LifeSize provides the products and infrastructure solutions to make that possible.

For more information about today’s announcements, visit

Additionally, for more information on the LifeSize Connections beta program, click here.

7 Responses to “Changing the Game: HD Video to Anyone, Anywhere, on Any Device”

  1. Khaled

    Mirial is more than Mobile Video Communication, so is there a plan to have LifeSize Products around Mirial’s PSE Video Answering or PSE Video Contact Center or Broadcaster Genie

    • jzellman

      Thanks so much for your question, Khaled. LifeSize is excited to work with Mirial and provide customers with a joint product portfolio. Please stay tuned to the blog – we hope to have more information for you soon.

      • Khaled

        Jzellman, Thanks.

        i think the next Natural big things (LifeSize-Office & Logitech Home-Small Biz) :

        -A Docking Base Station Video/VOIP Phone for Tablets-Smartphones for iOs, Android & Windows with option HD Webcam. Includes new Mirial Video Answering machine. same like concept Cisco Cius but without tablet and with loaded option accessories like keyboard/mouse/link to ext screen & speakers
        -Products & accessories around Mirial PSE Video Contact Center that could be tailored for many industries

  2. steve hughes

    sounds very interesting. Does the app/service allow standards based inter-calling based upon h323 and SIP protocols? Can it register as an end-point to a SIP gateway such as VCSe?


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