Australian Translation Service, OnCall, Uses LifeSize to Bridge Language Barriers

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

OnCall is one of the most robust translation services in Australia, with a presence in every state and territory on the continent, a dedicated staff of 5,500 and services in almost 150 languages. They have successfully delivered on-site and face-to-face interpreting services for over 25 years, via telephone translation and multilingual desktop publishing services.

LifeSize Express

Even though OnCall has a strong presence throughout Australia,the sites are geographically-dispersed and some individuals are in rural locations with limited Internet capabilities. The company needed a way for every employee of OnCall, with all of their varying language capabilities, to be accessible to every client – no matter how many kilometers separated them.

Travel costs were also a huge challenge for the company. Clients were spending around $200,000 on travel per year for interpreting services. OnCall knew there had to be a better way.

After researching various technological solutions, HD video communications seemed to address all of the issues the company was facing and LifeSize was the only provider they found that offered all of the desired features at an affordable cost.

Soon after, LifeSize® Express™ and LifeSize® Networker™ were deployed in their Sydney and Melbourne offices. Since then, employees have enthusiastically adopted the technology and are now able to engage in more face-to-face interpreting without the cost of a travel, resulting in increased revenue.

Additionally, OnCall is now able to provide interpreting services for deaf clients, via AUSLAN sign language. The deaf community requires face-to-face services on a regular basis and OnCall is able to fulfill that need through LifeSize.

Ari Pappas, corporate manager for OnCall, reports that the LifeSize system paid for itself within only 12 months, as a result of saved travel costs and improved efficiency. The benefits are not purely monetary either. “We have definitely seen a tangible improvement in communication between staff in the two offices equipped with the LifeSize solution. Plus, our interpreters are much happier as their time is not wasted sitting in traffic and their earning capacity is increased,” he said.

To read the entire OnCall case study on the LifeSize website, click here.

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