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Let’s Get this Multiparty Started!

On February 19, LifeSize announced LifeSize UVC Multipoint Enterprise Edition. For those of you who may not be familiar, “multiparty calling,” also referred to as bridging, is used to describe a video call that involves multiple people, so they can  see, talk and interact with each other. Bridging is enabled through the use of an… Continue ReadingFeatures, Lifesize, Partnership, People, Products, Technology, UVC, Virtualization, vLog


Trend Watch 2013: What’s the Next Big Thing in Technology?

As individuals deeply immersed in video conferencing technology, we at LifeSize keep a close watch on what’s ahead, sorting through a host of promising technologies that will simplify our lives and improve the way we communicate. Moving toward a simpler way to live and work, we have been focused on a number of key initiatives… Continue ReadingFeatures, Industry, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, People, Products, Technology, Trends, UVC, Virtualization

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Video Conferencing Infrastructure: Top 5 IT Problems and The Simplest Way to Fix Them

The quickening pace of new video conferencing technologies entering the workplace continues to place added burden on IT teams, who perform everything from complex installations to tech support. Additionally, video communication has shifted from the meeting room to broad network-wide distribution. With an evolving landscape of new infrastructure solutions on the market and limited resources… Continue ReadingFeatures, Lifesize, Products, Technology, UVC, Virtualization, vLog


Virtualization: Top Trend in IT World Makes Big Impact in Video Conferencing Industry

Though the IT world has been using virtual machine software for more than a decade, virtualization only recently entered the video conferencing arena. While virtualized technologies have become increasingly common, virtualizing a full spectrum of video conferencing products and making them immediately available to trial, purchase or scale is quite extraordinary and hasn’t been done… Continue ReadingFeatures, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, Products, Technology, Trends, UVC, Virtualization


The Miracle of Video

by Diana Hyland, Product Marketing Manager, LifeSize Today, we’re all a bit jaded when it comes to technology. We buy the latest smartphone the day it hits the stores, and the next week we’re complaining that it’s not fast enough. We can stream the latest movies to our TVs, but they never seem to have… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, Mobility, People, Products, Technology, Trends, UVC, Virtualization, vLog

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Big Enhancements to Infrastructure Solutions Make IT the Hero

by Diana Hyland, Product Marketing Manager, LifeSize We are entering a new era in video infrastructure – one that can give IT administrators the flexibility to manage, deploy and expand video collaboration in ways never thought possible. Today, LifeSize announced enhancements to its infrastructure solutions – LifeSize® Bridge™, LifeSize® Transit™ and LifeSize® Control™ – aiming… Continue ReadingLifesize, Products, Technology