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Corporate Video Conferencing

From distance learning to educating new employees on policies and procedures, corporate training is a necessity for every business. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts and limited budgets can make it a challenge. Corporate video conferencing solutions from LifeSize help enable global learning and reduce training costs so that your team gets the development it needs.We invite you… Continue ReadingChanging the Way the World Communicates, Technology, Unified Communications

Video Solutions for Sales

Sales success often depends on how many relationships you have and the strength of those relationships. Maintaining face-to-face relationships with your customers, partners and colleagues can be time intensive. Video calling services from LifeSize lets you build and maintain your relationships without taking time out of your day to travel, whether it’s down the road… Continue ReadingTechnology

Video Solutions for R&D Engineering

When you are on the cutting edge of research and development, slowing down progress for a business trip is not an option—even if it’s to collaborate with your team or subject-matter experts on the project at hand. With high quality video calling solutions from LifeSize, you collaborate from wherever you may be, simply, cost-effectively and… Continue ReadingTechnology

Video Solutions for Professional Services

In the world of professional services, the more time you spend on site with your client, the less time you have to collaborate with your team and the more time you have to spend away from your family. Professional video conferencing solutions from LifeSize make being on site with your customers as easy as placing… Continue ReadingTechnology

Video Solutions for Sustainability

The goal in sustainability is to optimize resources and find efficiencies wherever possible. But great environmental improvements do not happen without collaboration.  Business video conferencing solutions, from LifeSize, empower collaboration simply and cost-efficiently. We invite you to explore how LifeSize will help you optimize productivity and be kind to the planet. Read more about the… Continue ReadingTechnology

LifeSize Video Solutions for Finance

Financial institutions are always on the move, adjusting to the rapid changes of today’s global marketplace. When you need to collaborate with your colleagues, associates and clients in real time about changes affecting the market today, video conferencing from LifeSize is a simple, cost-effective solution that makes most travel unnecessary. We invite you to explore… Continue ReadingTechnology