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Combining Web, Video and Audio Conferencing in One with Lifesize Cloud

It’s 2015, and business moves faster than ever before. While a fleet of 20,000 jets is constantly crisscrossing the globe, making LA and Tokyo a mere half day away from each other, high-speed Internet means you can communicate instantly with people half a world away.  We’re living, to borrow a line from Shakespeare, in a… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, Lifesize, Products


New Enhancements to Lifesize Cloud + 1,000 Subscribed Customers!

It seems like only yesterday we were debuting Lifesize Cloud and the Connected Experience of video collaboration for anyone on any device.  We’ve been busy since then, and as of this article, we now have over 1,000 businesses up and running on Lifesize Cloud logging millions of minutes! And we’d like to thank each and… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, Lifesize, People, Technology


More control over your meetings

While some would argue that proper etiquette is to say “Happy New Year” only through the first week of the new year, I’ve been saving my “Happy New Year” for our first round of Lifesize Cloud updates. So, here it is—Happy New Year! Here at Lifesize, 2014 was an amazing year, and we are extremely… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, Lifesize, Microsoft, Products, Technology


The World Has Spoken: Telepresence is Still Dead

In a world where technology is getting smaller, lighter and faster (think about the Zach Morris cell phone vs. your iPhone or bulky desktop computers vs. the MacBook Air), it’s a wonder to me that companies are still investing in three- and four-screen telepresence solutions to collaborate over video. The rest of the tech world… Continue ReadingFeatures, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, Mobility, People, Products, Technology, Trends

bring out your dead

Telepresence: Cost, Complexity and a Call for Egalitarian Access of Video

In my last post, I discussed how telepresence as an industry category has outlived its welcome. I’d like to drill down further into a few more reasons why the shine has rubbed off this once-favorite industry darling. “Hidden” costs? Even if your organization can foot the increasingly steep bill, it is important to pay attention… Continue ReadingFeatures, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, People, Products, Technology, Trends


Telepresence is Dead

It lived a good life. It showed people what video technology could unleash by putting training wheels on the video communications experience while adding cost, complexity and inflexibility. It was a solution for the select few. We thank telepresence – the three-screen, mirrored room, luxe video conferencing category – for giving the market a proof… Continue ReadingFeatures, Industry, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, People, Products, Technology, Trends, vLog

Michael Helmbrecht, VP & GM Video Solutions