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The Real Benefit of WFH: A Telecommuter’s Story

I worked in a physical company office for over ten years until late 2011 when I decided that living in perpetual sunshine and heat was unnatural, so I picked up my family and moved from Austin, TX to a city that celebrates all four seasons, Seattle, WA.  Since then, I have telecommuted.  Around the world,… Continue ReadingFeatures, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, People, Technology, Travel, Trends

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SVC Demystified: Video – Combining Temporal and Spatial Scalability Part 4 of 7

by Stefan Slivinski, Video Team Manager, LifeSize In my last two blogs I described temporal and spatial scalability and how they work. It’s important to note that temporal and spatial scalability are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they would most likely be used in conjunction with each other, which creates a single stream that contains… Continue ReadingSVC, Technology

Illustration: Combination of temporal and spatial layer dependencies

SVC Demystified: What Is Spacial Scalability? Part 3 of 7

by Stefan Slivinski, Video Team Manager, LifeSize In my last article I talked about one of the two components of SVC: temporal scalability. This article takes us to the second component, spatial scalability. To start, let’s think about the way video compression works. Traditional video compression exploits the fact that very little will change between… Continue ReadingSVC, Technology

Interlayer dependencies of spatial scalability

SVC Demystified: What is Temporal Scalability? Part 2 of 7

by Stefan Slivinski, Video Team Manager, LifeSize Following up on my introductory blog post on SVC, this article will cover temporal scalability, which as I mentioned is one of the two components of SVC (we’ll cover spatial scalability next time). Temporal scalability provides the ability to have multiple frame rates for the same video stream…. Continue ReadingIndustry, SVC, Technology, Trends

Temporal Scalability