Bateman Engineering Uses LifeSize to Bridge the Gap Between Global Sites

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Australia. China. India. Russia. Africa. South America. United Kingdom. With a presence on almost every continent, Bateman Engineering is one company that truly spans the globe. As one of the leading engineering firms in the world, Bateman has been delivering innovative solutions and unlocking the value of natural resources for more than 90 years. Services include procurement, financial and commercial facilitation, contracting and project management, as well as the company’s key initiatives: engineering and equipment supply.

Though being an international company has its advantages, employees were beginning to feel the strain of travel amongst global sites. Not only was air travel time-consuming, it was extremely costly to the organization. Bateman Engineering executives were determined to find a way to overcome these obstacles and find a cost-effective solution.

Traditional communication solutions were often used throughout the company (such as telephone and web conferencing), but Bateman also valued face-to-face communication that business travel provided. However, the time and expense of travel were deal breakers and the company needed an alternative that provided similar benefits.

Bateman reached out to a certified LifeSize distributor to help them find a communications systems that met all of their specific requirements. After reviewing various video conferencing systems on the market, Bateman realized that LifeSize was the answer.

The company soon implemented LifeSize® Passport™, LifeSize® Room™, LifeSize® Team™ and LifeSize® Express™ series endpoints in key locations. Additionally, the company also purchased LifeSize® Networker™, an enhanced gateway for integration between IP and ISDN networks to ensure seamless calls between the two systems.

After implementing LifeSize technology, Bateman quickly experienced a reduction in travel, as well as an increase in face-to-face communication between team members and rapid ROI. Now, video conferencing is the preferred communication mode for Bateman and is used on a regular basis across the entire organization.

The choice to implement LifeSize was an easy one to make and the executives of the company are thrilled with their decision.

“As the decision maker for ICT alliances, products and partners in my organization, I had to weigh a lot of factors in this ever-changing world of technology,” said Pieter le Roux, head of group IT for Bateman. “As far as video conferencing is concerned, right now I appreciate the competitiveness in LifeSize’s vision, the quality of their products and their ability to deliver service. Cost is an obvious decision motivator in the current economic climate and LifeSize came out tops.”

To read the entire case study for Bateman Engineering, click here. For more stories about how LifeSize technology has helped other businesses around the world, visit our Business Solutions case study page today.

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