Being a Dad from Anywhere – A Father’s Story

Patrick McMillin, ISR, LifeSize

I just love technology that enriches my total life experience! As a working dad of three little ones – a five year old and three-year-old twins, I take full advantage of today’s high definition video conferencing technology. I always get a charge upon seeing my LifeSize Room 220 system at work light up with an incoming call from our LifeSize UVC ClearSea-connected laptop at home, knowing I’ll get to catch up on the happenings at our house. I often get to experience first-hand accounts of my kids’ discoveries and accomplishments, whether it is a newly-learned handwriting feat, what they are having for lunch, or even a story about wearing a favorite shirt.

High definition video really is the key of this whole experience, as we trade a lot of questions about very detailed visuals in our respective environments. I can see exactly what is going on whether our home laptop is in the kitchen, garage, or even the backyard (as I often get “taken outside” during calls). On a quick break, I can enjoy those crazy grins and expressions back at home.

But of course, as any parent knows, it’s not always about good times. Some occasional and timely “counseling” from Dad can be a big help for the atmosphere at home. Today’s video technology allows me to jump in during a time-out that would be waiting for later discussion, all without the need for a trip home that would impede my work productivity.

I can already tell that these early stages of life go by really fast, and using a technology that allows for immersive interaction with my little guys from anywhere is something I wouldn’t trade for anything!

3 Responses to “Being a Dad from Anywhere – A Father’s Story”

  1. David Temple

    Happy Father’s Day Patrick. Great story about keeping in touch with your family. I can assure as a father of an adult that you are absolutely correct when you say, “I can already tell that these early stages of life go by really fast.” Good to know you can stay be there, even when you’re not.

  2. Tom Oldham

    Hey Patrick..just got a ClearSea call from my son and his wife in California. I could see the bright red sunburn he earned building a fence yesterday. Can’t do that over the phone!


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