The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

by David Temple, Global Inbound Marketing Lead, LifeSize

This year, without a doubt, I’m getting the best father’s day gift ever.  No, it’s not a tie, cologne or any other tried-and-true father’s day gift.  And it’s definitely not on this list of Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day.

It’s also not a watch. But if it were, here’s a nice one that I found on Millionaire Toys Global. It’s the Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication and it goes for $800,000.

It’s also not a top-of-the-line stereo system that will blow your socks off. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the Goldmund Epilogue Signature Audio System for $1 million should definitely do the trick.

And it’s sure not going to be a car.  I’d think few dads get a car for Father’s Day. If I were to get a car though, a Lykan HyperSport priced at a cool $3.4 million would be a great!

But as you and I both know, none of those gifts are coming my way. It doesn’t matter because my gift is worth more than all of these combined, and it is the best father’s day gift ever.

Celebrating Father's Day in 1980

But first, a little background about myself and my family. My first Father’s Day was in 1980 and I remember things were a lot simpler back in those times.  There was no Internet, cell phones, tablets, or even Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (hard to imagine, right?). Over the next 17 years, my son Ryan was there to celebrate every Father’s Day with me. But in 1998, my wife and I moved because of a job opportunity and Ryan wanted to stay in Washington where he grew up. We only saw him four times in the next couple of years, and those visits always went by too quickly.  Then he joined the army in 2000.  Though we saw him a couple of times the first year he was in the military, he was then deployed to Afghanistan and later Iraq, and we weren’t able to see him for three years.

While he was deployed, I traveled to New York for a conference and decided to visit Ground Zero. I was standing in front of the Trinity Church, across the street from where the Twin Towers had stood, looking at all of the commemorative T-shirts, flowers and notes. It was at that moment that my phone rang, and it was Ryan on the other end, calling from Afghanistan.  It was then that I realized I could not protect my son anymore and that he was, in fact, protecting me.

We have seen him more often in the last few years since he’s been discharged from the army but not nearly enough, and now he’s having a baby. Well, he’s not having a baby but you know what I mean! My wife and I felt that it was time for us to be close to our son (and his new family) again, and that the distance between us was too great. Fortunately, I work for a company that respects the importance of family by enabling people around the world the opportunity to work productively from anywhere, at any time on nearly any device through video conferencing.

So what’s the BEST FATHER’S DAY GIFT EVER? This year, I’m moving to be near my son so I can have more time with my family, time I can never get back, time that is priceless. It’s the best gift a father could ask for. Thank you, LifeSize.

8 Responses to “The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever”

    • David Temple

      Hey Cindy, it will be Phoenix so won’t be able to stop by but would love to see you all sometime soon.

      • Cindy Thueringer

        Nice you will be close to Ryan and your grandbaby!!!!! Theres nothing better or more fun than grandkids!!!! Wow and Candi lived in Phoenix a couple years and we went there 3 times, once to move her there, once on the bike and then again to move her home, someday we will get there again:)


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