You Decide: The Worst of the Worst Places to Join a Business Meeting

What’s more maddening than inappropriate business meeting locations? This March (and a bit into April), we’re calling on you, our readers, to join in on a little tournament bracket fun to help Lifesize decide on the Worst Place to Join a Business Meeting.


We’ve developed a complicated forecasting model, taking into account the various levels of unseemliness of each location. It’s so intricate that we’ll spare you the details, but trust us—line graphs and pie charts were involved.

It’s up to you to determine which location is so terrible that it proceeds to the next round. The competition is stiff and we expect some serious upsets, but that’s how the bracket crumbles!

After many votes, three rounds and weeks of head to head competition, the people have spoken and the winner of the Worst of the Worst Places to Join a Business Meeting has been chosen.

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