BYOD for MD’s: Doctors Connect with Homebound Patients via Smartphones and Tablets

Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator

Dealing with a substance-abuse or mental health issue can be extremely difficult, especially when you are recovering in an unfamiliar environment. For this reason, many patients prefer to receive treatment in their own homes, rather than a hospital or rehabilitation center. Uplift Comprehensive Services, based in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, understands this need and provides services to accommodate this request.

“Home healthcare” is a program that Uplift has devised to help patients receive treatment in the comfort of their own home. Instead of a patient traveling to see a doctor and nurse practitioner, the caregivers travel to them for routine check-ups and medication management. The program grew in popularity quickly and staff members of Uplift began to feel a strain from the unanticipated growth. Because Uplift operates in 15 counties across the state, doctors found themselves spending more time traveling to and from patient homes than actually providing care. Not only did this take time, it also cost approximately $500 per round trip to send a doctor to a patient’s home. The healthcare organization was desperate to find a way to reduce travel and refocus the physicians’ time on their patients.

Uplift turned to an enterprise-class client/server video conferencing solution that operates on desktop computers, as well as over 40 different types of iOS and Android mobile devices. Now, doctors can visit a patient’s home virtually, in crystal clear high definition, while a nurse practitioner visits the patient’s home instead. The solution they chose also supports “single number reach”, which means that all of your devices enabled with the software ring at the same time. So no matter where a doctor is (at home, at the office or at the hospital), they will be notified that someone is trying to reach them.

By attending home visits via HD video conferencing, doctors are able to provide the comprehensive treatment patients expect from Uplift, while patients are more comfortable in their home environment.

Read this case study in its entirety or download the CIO Magazine BYOD Field Guide to read an interview with Uplift’s CEO.

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