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Diary of an Injury: How I was able to stay connected with a herniated disk

A little over two years ago, I experienced a life-altering change in my health.  I was working at home late one night when I got up to get a glass of water.  As soon as I stood up, a flash of pain shot down one of my legs, causing a horrifically painful cramp in my… Continue ReadingCloud, Customer/Case Study, Healthcare, Lifesize, People


Six Common Office Illnesses and Their Contagious Periods

We put our resident healthcare expert—okay, it was our intern—on the case to gather these stats on the most common office illnesses and their contagious periods. Plaster this poster in every break room and spread the awareness—not the virus.   Have little ones at home? Check out how video conferencing can help you stay connected… Continue ReadingHealthcare, People, Trends


5 Ways to Provide Higher Quality Patient Care with Lifesize Video Conferencing

The use of video conferencing in the healthcare industry is one of its most vital, growing and exciting fields; from mental health to rural medicine to veterans’ care, the applications are varied and practically limitless. At Lifesize, we’ve worked with healthcare providers in everywhere from rural Nebraska to urban Seattle and in fields ranging from… Continue ReadingCustomer/Case Study, Features, Healthcare, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, People, Technology, The Doctor Is In, Trends

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LifeSize Loves Nurses: Unsung Heroes in Healthcare

Every day, nurses around the world are embracing new modern technologies, providing exceptional patient care around the clock, and adapting to the constant changes in their profession. In honor of National Nurses’ Day today, we’d like to salute these healthcare professionals for the important role they play in society and in our lives. At LifeSize,… Continue ReadingCustomer/Case Study, Healthcare, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, People, Technology, The Doctor Is In

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