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[INFOGRAPHIC] In the Cloud or On Your Network: Which Path is Right for YOU?

When you have made the decision to invest in video collaboration technology for more productive meetings and stronger relationships with your colleagues and customers, you may want to consider the two deployment options that are available in today’s VC industry. Would you prefer to host your video environment on your network for increased security and… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, LifeSize, Miscellaneous, People, Products, Technology, UVC

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On-Site Studios Extends Professional Video Services to Clients via Lifesize Technology

We love it when we our video conferencing solutions help make a client’s dream a reality, which is why every now and again we take a moment to share a success story with our readers. This week, we’re spotlighting On-Site Studios, a Green Bay, WI-based company that uses Lifesize’s UVC Video Center as back-end technology… Continue ReadingCustomer/Case Study, Features, LifeSize, Miscellaneous, People, Products, Technology, UVC, Virtualization

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Meet the Newest Members of the LifeSize Product Family!

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! It’s a….new video conferencing solution! The addition of new members to the family is always an exciting time. From the moment the expected is announced, everyone looks forward to the due date with great anticipation. As months pass, the talk is about what special gifts the extensions to the… Continue ReadingFeatures, LifeSize, Products, Technology, UVC, Virtualization


How Smart Video Puts the “Smart” in Video Conferencing

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of video conferencing is complicated, expensive systems that take up an entire room and require a whole cupboard full of computers to operate, then I think it’s time to reconsider what you think you know about video conferencing!  A new generation of “smart video”… Continue ReadingFeatures, LifeSize, Miscellaneous, Products, Technology, UVC, Virtualization

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Simplicity is the Spice of LifeSize

Five Ways LifeSize Icon Simplifies Your Daily Communications Variety may be the spice of life, but simplicity is the spice of business. We all know that the easier it is for you to do business with a company or an individual, the more likely you are to establish a long-term and mutually satisfying relationship with… Continue ReadingFeatures, LifeSize, Mobility, Products, Tech Notes, Technology, UVC, Virtualization


Four Incredibly Cool Uses of Streaming and Recording

We talk a lot about video conferencing’s many real-time applications on this blog, but did you know that streaming and recording have plenty of great functions, too?  We’ll run down four of the coolest, most useful applications here, and if that piques your interest, then you won’t want to miss our eBook, 7 Cool Uses… Continue ReadingCustomer/Case Study, Features, LifeSize, Miscellaneous, Products, Technology, UVC, Virtualization

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