Celebrate the Freedom to Truly Work Flexibly

Even though this holiday has evolved into fireworks, barbecues and swimming parties, the Fourth of July reminds us all that freedom is be treasured, as it has not always come so easily.  Even in today’s modern world, many of us still struggle with the concept of ‘freedom,’ as we feel tied to our careers and often have to sacrifice time with our friends and family.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have jobs where we can stay connected through technology, the idea that a true work/life balance can actually be achieved is an amazing thought. The typical 9-to-5 is disappearing, replaced with a more flexible workday thanks to laptops, smartphones and tablets. These connected devices allow us to have true work freedom: to emerge from our physical offices to attend our child’s soccer game, work from home to take care of an aging parent, have a change of scenery and work from a coffee shop or park for a breath of fresh air, or even call back home when away on business to stay connected to the family.

In the last few weeks, we’ve published stories written by mothers and fathers who have relied on flexible working in order to support their families and careers simultaneously. It truly is amazing to think that this kind of arrangement was unheard of only a few decades ago. And technology like HD video conferencing has taken the idea of telecommuting one step further: by enabling a visual component rather than just email, audio and web conferencing alone. With solutions like LifeSize UVC ClearSea, there is virtually no need to be in the same office as your colleague, vendor or partner; you can collaborate with all of them in lifelike high definition quality, anywhere, anytime. Imagine the possibilities! You can video conference from wherever you are in the world using mobile networks like 3G and 4G, and on nearly any device (Android, iOS, PCs, Macs).

So this Fourth of July, as you are grilling hamburgers and watching the fireworks with your friends and family, I ask you to think about the freedom you have in your own life, and how you can now enjoy more of these special moments by truly working flexibly. There’s no reason you can’t have it all, it just may take a new way of thinking to get you there.

Have a personal story about how flexible working has made your life better? Share it with us in the comment box below.

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