Update: LifeSize Celebrates Movember

Have you noticed that the 1970’s seem to have come back in style this past month?  I know I’ve been seeing a lot more Tom Selleck look-alikes around our office and it’s hard to even watch an NFL football game without noticing that the players seem to be sporting more facial hair than usual.  The reason for the recent moustache explosion is mostly due to an event called “Movember”, which takes place every year during the month of November.

Movember was started as a way to raise awareness about men’s cancers; to start a dialogue, raise money, and encourage men to visit their doctors for regular check-ups.

Tom Selleck with an inspiring ‘stache. (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

We here at LifeSize have been participating as a company this year.  We formed teams, competed for prizes, raised money, grew moustaches and supported one another for the past month.

Today, all of that is coming to a culmination with The Great Shave Off.  In a show of unity, all men who have grown a ‘stache in the month of Movember are invited to call in to our open bridge with their shaving cream and razors to shave off their ‘staches live via LifeSize Video Center. While the moustaches may disappear, we hope you will continue to raise cancer awareness throughout the year.

Mo Power to Ya!

Click on the image below to watch The Great Shave Off live on our HD video bridge:

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