Changing the Face of Telepsychiatry, One Patient at a Time

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Having a mental illness can be a devastating experience for kids, teens and adults alike. Worse yet, imagine having to go through the pain of depression, bipolar disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder alone. The doctors of JSA Health in Houston, Texas understand that some patients cannot visit a physical doctor’s office to obtain the mental health treatment they need, whether they live in a rural community, cannot locate a doctor in their town or simply cannot leave their home due to their illness. The sad truth is that this is a reality for many residents in the state of Texas. According to the Hogg Foundation of Mental Health, the state suffers from a severe shortage of mental health professionals. In fact, 171 of the 254 counties in Texas have no psychiatrist.

In order to provide a solution to these problems and extend treatment to as many patients as possible, JSA Health turned to HD video conferencing. LifeSize technology immediately stood out to the decision makers at JSA as the right choice.

“There is no question that LifeSize gives us the best quality at the most affordable price,” said Dr. Robert Cuyler, CEO of JSA Health.

With the help of LifeSize Express and LifeSize Passport, the psychiatrists at JSA are now able to help more patients than ever before and extend their service to mental health centers, schools, hospitals and jails. The high-definition capability allows doctors and patients to communicate face-to-face in crystal clear, lifelike quality. This genuine connection between patients and their physicians is invaluable for JSA and they believe telepsychiatry is the wave of the future.

LifeSize Passport

“Telepsychiatry will rapidly become the fastest expanding segment within psychiatry as a whole,” said Dr. Avrim Fishkind, president and chief medical officer of JSA Health.

After implementing LifeSize HD video, JSA Health experienced significant growth in their business. Since treating its first patient in 2008, JSA Health has now had over 30,000 patient encounters.

“We are now serving a growing number of clinic and emergency patients in 30 locations and counting,” said Cuyler. “With LifeSize, we are able to provide care to broader range of patients and locations and that’s what makes our work so exciting.”

To read the entire case study for JSA Health, visit:


To learn more about JSA and how it uses LifeSize HD video solutions to provide mental health services to patients, listen to the Tech Talk Podcast: Telepsychiatry on the New York Times’ Bits Blog.

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