[VIDEO] How Video Conferencing Can Change the Way a Community Functions

Government is a collaboration between the citizens and the leaders they’ve elected to represent them, and nothing is more important to making this collaboration work than good communication.  Video conferencing, like the solutions offered by LifeSize, is a powerful new tool in this communication process, one that state and local governments across the United States are beginning to make use of. 

Here are just a few of the things that officials and agencies can do with video conferencing:

Broadcast important announcements and communications:  The City of Jackson, MS implemented LifeSize video conferencing in part to give the mayor a way to address his constituents directly, without having to wait for a press conference.

Accelerate the judicial process.  Issue warrants, stays of hearings, and more, faster than ever before.

Attend distance learning/training programs remotely: If a local government needs to train a number of employees on an ongoing basis, video conferencing might be an easy solution. Not only can you ensure that each employee receives the same kind of training, you can also free up other employees’ time by automating the process.

Collaborate with local and global colleagues:  Houston TranStar, an amalgamation of the Texas Department of Transportation, Harris County, the City of Houston, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, all working in the greater Houston area, adopted a LifeSize video conferencing system so employees could have genuine, lifelike contact during times of critical decision making.  It’s been incredibly valuable in streamlining communication in a partnership of municipal and state agencies that could otherwise be labyrinthine to navigate.

Stream, record, and archive meetings & more for future playback: Rather than taking minutes at a meeting, you can record the session in crystal-clear, high definition video for future reference. Similarly, employees who are unable to attend the meeting will be able to catch up through the recorded video.

At LifeSize, we understand that government’s challenge is to serve its community while making the best use of a limited budget.  We’ve worked with state and local governments across the country to provide them with a high-quality, scalable product that gives them the most bang for the least buck.  If you’re interested in learning more about what LifeSize can do for you, then click here now.

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