Changing the Way the World Communicates: Making Wishes Come True

Changing the way the world communicatesRemember when you blew out your birthday candles in fifth grade? What did you wish for? Most of us probably have long forgotten those days but we can probably assume we wished for the latest and greatest toy, to be famous one day or maybe a good grade on an upcoming quiz or homework assignment.

A fifth grader in Okemos, Michigan, was given the opportunity to make a wish of her own through the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, a non-profit to help children with terminal illnesses fulfill their dreams. Instead of wishing for a toy or to see her name in lights, she made a simple, yet truly touching, wish: to be a part of her fifth grade class.

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Between surgeries and chemotherapy, the girl was often homebound and unable to host visitors, due to a compromised immune system. The Make-A-Wish Foundation was determined to make this child’s dreams come true. HD video conferencing technology was the answer.

One of LifeSize’s valued channel partners, Cleveland Corporate Services, stepped in to provide the little girl with the tools she needed to attend school from home. They installed a LifeSize® Passport™ video conferencing endpoint in her home, as well as her classroom at school. That way, the children can see her and she can see her classmates – almost as if she was in the same room with them. Additionally, Cleveland Corporate donated a SMART Board and BridgIt server, which allowed the girl to see exactly what her teacher was writing on an interactive whiteboard.

It is amazing to think that a few wires, computer chips, cameras, a couple displays and an Internet connection can truly change a child’s life, but for this little girl, video conferencing helped make her greatest wish come true. We are so proud to be a part of this incredible collaboration. Here are some photos of her virtual fifth grade classroom inside of her bedroom:

The little girl’s teacher and school district’s technical director pictured here.

At LifeSize, our core value is to fundamentally change the way the world communicates. This single philosophy echoes in everything we do as a company, from our products and solutions, to learning enablement and support. “Changing the Way the World Communicates” is a blog series that highlights unique ways that companies, and more importantly people, use HD video conferencing and how it impacts their lives, every single day.

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